Coney Island

Jill visited friday evening. We decided to go to ConeyIsland.

Worst date ever.

Really, it would have been fine. We left at 7:00 which would get us to coney island around 8:45, before the start of the fireworks show. But we got lost on the Long Island Beltway, not 5 miles from the coney island extravaganza, in one of the most confusing road layouts that I’ve ever been witness to. We drove around for hours and hours searching. Hungry. Starved even. Desperately wanting to see fireworks and eat hot dogs. But no. We finally pulled into a diner at 10:30. ate a quick half hour meal, got back into the car, and drove back to CT. We got back at 1.

six hours of driving, 9 dollars in tolls, and 3/4 of a tank of gas

it was horrible.

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