Yesterday I was hoping for some APO visitors from WPI. Sadly, they had to cancel. But, as a result I made 7 pounds of the most delicious pulled pork ever. It’s so tender and amazing. It’s the kind of meat that I think would turn Rick Richter away from the dark side of vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism. We omnivores tend to look down on you lowly green eaters. Yet really? I don’t know why. I don’t THINK most vegetarians scorn their meat eating friends. Except for those super liberal extreme vegetarians (warning: stereotype) who don’t take showers or shave.

Perhaps I will stop poking fun at my leaf loving friends. I’ve gotten a lot better in the past few months. I have recently embraced soy products as a source of protein and I no longer mock tofu. But… I do still occasionally sneak into the houses of vegetarians at night and vandalize their vegetables with pro-meat slogans.


Jill and I were standing in the checkout line at a Mens Clothing store. Jill noticed a cologne on the rack named Pi.

Jill: ooh look. Pi cologne.
mike d: neat. That’s about as geeky as a cologne can get. I like it.
Jill: I wonder what it smells like. numbers? Calculators?

An economist takes on the Terri issue

Once again, my favorite economist has written an article for MSN slate, enjoy it here.

Today has been very strange. I started the day be de-boning a pork loin. Have you ever de-boned a pork loin? it’s a huge task. First, thaw the meat as much as possible. Then pull out the cleaver and hack away at the mass until your fingers are icy cold and there’s meat and fat everywhere. Finally throw the whole thing in the crock pot and leave for the day.

After de-boning, I came to work and had the pleasure of putting away about 50 ancient drawings in the archives. I whistled the Mario Bros theme music to keep myself entertained.

And now, I sit, snacking on chocolate. Trying to figure out why some mechanical drawings are way outta whack.

LENT is done.

Well, Firstly, I think I should point out that my WPTopsite position has taken a serious dive. But, don’t worry friends. I will continue to edit my banner as often as possible even when I’m at a lackluster #3.

Secondly, Lent is over. And now I am free to consume all those things which I so desperately wanted during the last 40 days. I’ve already had a substantial amount of chocolate and desserts.

And Lastly, I’m going to try to reach a new level of super-activity for the next few weeks. Running, climbing, lifting, speedbagging… it’s going to be epic.

My Sister

A few months back my sister Alicia performed with Elton John at Foxboro during the opening of the patriots football season.

Elton & Alicia

That’s my sister playing the flute on the left. That’s Elton John rallying the crowds on the right.

I think that picture is awesome.


I finally put together all my finances and handed in a HUGE packet of receipts, print outs, and forms to my boss.

mike d: “Tom, I’ve finally put my expense reports together.” (pulls out huge stack of papers and throws them on desk)
Tom: “oh God!”
mike d: “this one’s from Kentucky, this one’s from Georgia, this is another one from Georgia, and these two are phone bills from last October and August respectively.”
Doug (from adjacent cube): “tell him that you were planning on investing in gas futures with the money before the explosion in Texas and that for every day that passes until he gets your refund, you are demanding 500% interest to compensate for lost profits”