Weekend update

It was a busy weekend at the house of rock. We had tons of visitors including Tim Baird, Tom & Mykal, Chad, James, Arianne, Charolette, Dave, Ben, emma, Joel, and Amy.

We did lots of rock climbing, and I’m excited to report that Jesse and I got first and third place in the rock climbing promotional contest, thus securing us over $800 in prizes.

Friday night Tim Baird came. it was good to see the dude and I learned that comedy central’s daily show webpage has hundreds of free videos online. We had some good laughs.

Saturday Tom and Mykal came and we cooked up a storm. 8 pounds of sloppy joes were made, as well as this amazing chocolate dessert:
Chocolate Lasagna
appreciate the wonder.

Sunday, we had even more visitors. and more good times.

And just now, I got a call from my co-worker pete. who asked me to look out my window. And there was a giant turkey waddling by my window. I considered going to and chasing it to see if Ben’s claims are true… but I decided to just watch from a distance.

Deep Space!

One of the guys here figured out how to apply images to the background of our 3D modeling software. now, I’m proud to say that all my models will be generated in deep space.


My job just got 10 times cooler.


there is now an official advertisement on my webpage. Call me what you will: sell out, cheap, whatever. This is simply my method to try and defray some of the costs of running the webpage.

So, if you’re bored. follow the advertisement on the bottom right of this page and buy stuff. I have no idea how much of your purchases will help this website, but we might as well give it a go.

Depending on what sort of successes I see over the next month, I may remove the ads. Right now it’s simply a trial.

blast from the past

Back in high school when I was playing with the tennis team, there was one particular time when I was really thirsty but I had forgotten my water bottle. So, as any intelligent tennis player would do, I emptied the tennis balls out of my plastic tennis ball holder (much like this) and proceeded to fill it with water.

Off I went out to the courts, played my game and went to drink the water. But it had the oddest taste. It kind of stuck in the back of my throat. Burning and itching just a little. The uncomfortableness lasted for quite some time and then faded.

For whatever reason, the water I’m drinking right now out of my water bottle has that exact same taste. But there’s no sign of tennis balls anywhere nearby. I can’t explain it.


I was chatting with the head of finance and happened to tell him about how the production manager sat me down for a quick how to on accounting so that I could better understand why they were throwing out a certain set of parts.

mike d: “I learned some accounting from Larry today.”
Jim: “oh no. what’d he teach you?”
mike d: “Just general stuff. perhaps I should just leave it at that.”
Jim: “that’s like my saying that I learned electrical engineering from my Bazooka gum comics.”

Carlos has got his Fluff on.

Mark: Carlos supposedly got the scar on his nose from being hit by a bat.
Jesse: That doesn’t suprise me.
Mark: Yeah, Carlos is a rough character.
Jesse: Though, he seems kind of fluffy. Do you know what I mean?
Mark: yeah, he does seem fluffy. but he’s definitely not fluffy.
Jesse: he’s got fluffy hair.
Mark: he grew up in the hood. he’s not fluffy underneath it all.
Jesse: well, it’s the kind of fluffy hair that you could hide a switchblade in.