a busy day

well, I’m back from Georgia. I went out there for the first two days this week to prep for an installation that will be taking place in February.

While I was there, I visited Eric. In fact, he was having a party so I attended. I felt extremely popular: flying into a city and immediately going to a party there.

upon arriving back in town, we bought the house! so it’s now official. I am the proud owner of land.

I’m tired though. and extremely hungry.

The Game



Use the buttons at the bottom to Step into the mind of Sammy G! Insert the ‘doctor’ at the correct place in the song! WOW! YOU WIN!

Don’t spend too much time playing it, I know it can become addicting.


I was complaining about our Dial-up modem here at my rent’s home when my father said:

Dad: “your mother does a lot of shopping online. and really, I don’t want to speed that process up.”

to which my mother responded by firing off their Discover card number and expiration date by memory.

something I want to try…

I think I’m going to try looking at my personal life (financial, physical, health, and social) as if it were a business, in an attempt to make my life more healthy and wholesome.

I’m going to try it for a couple weeks and see how it goes.

For example, if MikeD was a company there would be NO excuse as to why I haven’t had my cholesterol checked, lots o’ people would be fired because financial records are lacking, and if someone were to open the fridge they would immediately know that I have inventory issues.

This idea really appeals to me.


As many of you know, I’m a fan of Steven Landsburg’s economics. He regularly has articles in MSN SLate and today a new one appeared.

What I Like About Scrooge – In praise of misers. By Steven E. Landsburg

It starts off a bit off target, if you ask me, but upon reaching the end I was once again impressed by his general concepts and teaching ability.

For the first time in a long time, I’m actually interested in learning more about economics. Does anyone have any good economics books that they can suggest? I’ve read Landsburg’s “the armchair economist” and I give it 3 stars. But I’m looking for a more theoretical economics book.

Any suggestions? Nonfiction please.



Check out the new section on the menu bar. It’s as many rock show performances as I could get my hands on. I recommend only opening those links if:
a) you have a high speed connection
b) you have Quicktime
c) you have a good sense of humor