#17: The Beep.

The Question

I was recently driving back to Northborough from Rochester, NY after the holidays when a thought hit me. After rubbing the bruise the thought gave me I began to think. Say one person in a car crosses the MA border from NY on I-90 and beeps his/her horn. The next person closest to them on I-90 then beeps there horn in some sort of automotive relay race. This continues for however long it takes until “The Beep” reaches Boston. Now stemming from this thought I had several quandries; 1: How long would it take “The Beep” to reach Boston from the Ma/NY border? 2: How many cars would it take to necsesitate “The Beep”? and finally 3: Would the fact that the cars are all moving towards boston speed up “The Beep” in any measurable amount?
Hope you had a good holiday shaun and i can’t wait to hear your answer!


Comment by Kurt — 12/30/2004 @ 1:42 pm

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my mind, focused at all times

I was writing an e-mail to Jill with a short motivational quip regarding stretching before exercise.

I wrote:

I think if you specifically add certain stretches to you routine and consider them as important as the weight lifting, then you might have better lunch forcing yourself to do them.

Jill e-mailed back, pointing out my error saying “Further proof that Michael’s number one priority is food”

Rock on Patriots. Rock on.

This past weekend was enjoyable. I drove everywhere. Friday I zipped up to Worcester and saw a few people, Saturday I visited the lovely Jill and we saw ‘Sideways’ and went out to a nice dinner, and Sunday I went down to RI and went running with my sister Theresa.

While we were running, Tree (whose birthday was on Friday, happy b-day t!) told me about all sorts of cool psychological stuff. She’s getting her PHD so she knows what she’s talking about. We discussed mental health, common symptoms of psychological breakdowns, and then we talked about sleep. And I learned some awesome stuff which I will now convey to you.

There are a number of stages that the body goes through before reaching REM sleep. By the time the body goes through the whole process and reaches REM there are certain specific things that happen. First, you lose the ability to sense temperature changes. Second, your body falls into a temporary paralysis. Third, your brain gets crazy with activity and you start to dream. and I think there was a fourth thing too, but I don’t remember it.

ANYWAY, you know how every once in awhile as you start to fall asleep your body jerks violently and you wake up all startled? Often times it’s accompanied by a strange dream where you’re falling, or tripping or something? well! When you’re stressed, or extremely tired, your body will sometimes skip the first stages of the sleeping process. You’ll go straight to REM. Then your brain gets crazy with activity but your body has yet to fall into temporary paralysis. So your brain ends up sending messages to your muscles to contract and jerk violently. Thus waking you up thinking that you had just fallen off of the edge of a giant bowl of custard and landed angrily on a pile of wooden shutters. isn’t that interesting?

I hope that little story made your Monday morning that much more bearable.

Do you have any idea what it takes to Rock?

Okay. I’m ready to start taking the band more seriously.

This weekend, I’m going to make an effort to put together Jesse and my own first set list. I will then search out local venues for rocking. My hope is a single small show every other week, with one big band show every three months.

The first performance probably won’t be until the spring, but I’m excited none-the-less. I haven’t been on stage since the 8 of bass experience. It’ll be hard to top that.

You can be sure wherever we end up, there will be props, there will be stage presence, and there will be rock. We will be mostly a cover band. but I’m awesome with that.


I got the Tea. And I’m impressed. I actually got a personalized hand written card in with my tea. it said:

Thanks for the link.
Adagio Tea

That’s what I call extreme class. Well done Adagio.
I also got four teas:
Cocomint green
green pekoe blues
citron green
and genmai green

The whole steeping process is absolutely beautiful in the custom adagio steeping mug, and the tea itself is very tasty.

I’m not going to lie, I added a boatload of sugar. But really, I like tea like Koolaid: fully sugar saturated.

State of the Union! woo!

The thing that I find irritating about the State of the Union, or any address from any president, is that everyone seems to applaud everything all the time. Even statements that are so obviously positive that they would need no affirmation from the audience.

“our union is strong” WOO! YEAH! IT’S TRUE! WOO!

“so that every child in America can read and learn and succeed in life” CHEERS! YAY FOR READING CHILDREN WHO SUCCEED! WOO!

“addictive drugs that kill people are bad” YEAH! AGREED!


“It’s really awesome when you find 10 bucks in your pocket that you had forgotten about” AMEN! CHEERS! APPLAUSE!

“I really like a glass of juice with my breakfast in the morning” OH YEAH! THAT’S THE TICKET! BRING IT HOME! AMERICA’S AWESOME!


Happy Groundhog Day!

the origin of Groundhog fear.
Darth Maul?

in other news, apparently during a routine test of the emergency broadcasting system a CT television station mistakenly broadcast a warning sign saying “please evacuate the state”

Despite the potential for panic, I find that really funny.

the groundhog saw his shadow this morning