mike d: the weather is really nice. the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze.
mom: wow, that sounds great! It’s freezing here and there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground.
mike d: hey! a butterfly just flew by!
mom: hey! a frozen bird just fell from the tree!

Where was mike d?


Once again, I’m back in Georgia. And let me tell you: it is 100% thrilling.

I have spent 30 of the last 38 hrs working. And while some of it has been fun (lunch time specifically) most of it has been rather trying. I smashed my elbow pretty hard yesterday. The kind of smash that’s followed by a wave of nausea. My pants are dirty to the X-TREME and since there’s no Mane and Tail shampoo here, my hair is not glowing with the shine and radiance that you’ve grown to expect from mike d.

The past week was pretty exciting. On Thursday Jill and I went to NY to see WICKED on broadway. It was amazing. Entertainment like that hasn’t been witnessed since 8ofBass back in ’04. In addition to the show we hit up Madame Tussauds wax museum, the huge ToysRus, and a great French restaurant.

I will do my best to return to the awesome world of the internets as soon as possible.

Atlanta or bust!

I’m back from Atlanta. The trip was good, I got to see Eric and Becky and the work stuff is coming along nicely as well.

Top 3 highlights of the sightseeing

Number Three: The Olympic Park
Not really all that cool. Which says a lot about Atlanta. But… it was a fun time. There were large pillars of light.

Number Two: CNN headquarters.
Suprisingly awesome, CNN headquarters is a stronghold like none I’ve ever seen. Three giant buildings were connected together via a huge atrium. It was amazing. Apparently Ted Turner is richer than God.

AND THE NUMBER ONE COOLEST THING IN ATLANTA: The Eternal Flame of the Confederacy
For year’s you’ve wondered “where is the eternal flame of the confederacy?” And now you know: Atlanta.

That’s right. If you go to the popular shopping area ‘atlanta underground’ there’s a single burning gas lamplight located at the far end. There’s even damage to the lightpole from when a cannon ball hit it during the Civil War. It burns quietly as a symbol of all the greatness of the confederacy. Go Confederates!

In other news, while I was in Georgia someone dropped the ball and forgot to vote for mike d on WPTopsite.

In still other news, I think I’m going to have to go back to Georgia on Sunday.

the Last Automatic Post. (#7)

This is an automatic post.

This is the last of seven. Each post contains a MSPaint masterpiece that fulfills a request made last Wednesday by mikedidonato.com readers.


notes from the artist:
I’m not going to lie. I’ve reached the one day limit on my MSPaint creation capabilities. To the point where I didn’t even MSPaint the picture of Tahiti. Chaulk that up to simple exhaustion. If all goes well I will be returning from GEORGIA tomorrow, and we can all expect more regular textular entries.

The last week has been fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Automatic Post #5

This is an automatic post.

This is the fifth of seven. Each post contains a MSPaint masterpiece that fulfills a request made last Wednesday by mikedidonato.com readers.

uh.. taxi?

notes by the artist:
Definitely the most difficult so far, detail wise. Being able to portray a person or character accurately is a huge task in MSPaint. Spiderman turned out mediocre. I had to do quite a bit of pixel by pixel editing to make it so that the web on his outfit didn’t end up making him look like graph paper.

I wanted a feeling of desperation in this piece. A superhero? Needing a cab? it’s a brilliant concept, and certainly one that was deserving of my time. I was thinking about putting a cow behind the fence on the left of our neighborhood hero, but I decided it might make the area seem more populated. And I wanted the viewer to think Spiderman would be waiting a long time.

The only reason there’s a fence is to create a little perspective. Without it, the ‘field’ looks like a strange green wavy wall.