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Pam, my co-worker, put in her two weeks today. Yup. she got a new better job and will be leaving Ttool within the month.

two things come to mind:
1. should I be looking for a better job too?
2. did I drive her to quit?

Firstly, work is pretty good but a lot of my friends have better.
And secondly, I really can be horribly demeaning in my sarcasm and bitter remarks.

News of her quitting has brought up an interesting thing though. One of the other employees, in an effort to convince her to stay, said that we each get a free turkey for thanksgiving.

Free Turkey! Cha-ching!

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As much as I dislike the Yankees, I have a lot of respect for Hideki Matsui.

I was discussing the issue with Shamus and we decided that he’s tolerable because he’s not proud. The guy is a monster at bat but he never seems to throw it back in the face of his opponents. I appreciate that.
He also has a jet with his face on it.

a jet.

with his face on it.

Forget the yankees, if that doesn’t warrent a little respect I don’t know what does.
I think I’d lose respect for him though if it turned out he was a robot. He might be. he’s from Japan and their technology is ridonculous. just a thought.



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you know? Jon Stewart should run for president.


J.S. for Prez. 2008.



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Coworker Pam and I were working late on a saturday. As we sat in the test lab placing some bolts on a welder piece, a few lights went off on the opposite side of the plant floor (they are on a timer).

mike d: uh oh.
pam: what?
mike d: well. I suppose as long as these lights stay on we’ll be oka–

and with that, the test lab lights went out.

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I made some rockin’ risotto last night in my rice cooker. That thing never ceases to amaze. After it magically knew exactly when to turn itself off, it kept the risotto warm for 3+ hrs until my roommate got home. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you weren’t sure before my rice cooker is proof, we live in an age of futuristic wonders.

With this and my new electric griddle, I am going to be unstoppable.

Jesse (a few months ago): when most guys graduate college they get excited about the new car or new stereo system they’re going to buy. All you can say is ‘I can’t wait to get a rice cooker!’



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When I sneeze, I sneeze twice. In succession. I call it the double barrel sneeze.
It’s a strange phenomenon. I don’t know why it happens. but it does.
I’ve never met anyone else with the same weird condition.

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I was thinking about adding a “mike d draws” section to the webpage. Similar to ‘Defy S.McQuaid’ except I would microsoft paint the requests.

Do you like?

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Today marks 2 years dating Jill.

Jill and I met in the summer of ’98 at a catholic retreat (CLI). I remember specifically her wearing a bandana and being ‘really cool.’ I made sure that I got her e-mail, which was about as bold as I could be at 17. I think it’s safe to say that I had a big crush on her from the get go. We e-mailed just about every day for the following 4 years, with the occasional hiatus.

Finally, after four years of e-mailing we went to Davis’s mega corn maze just outside worcester. Kudos to me for that idea. What’s better for a date idea than to get purposefully lost. heh heh. I’m so clever. She didn’t consider it a ‘date’ but Lord knows I did. I even called my sisters for fashion advice.

Here’s a shout out to ‘e-mail’ which helped incubate our relationship for 4 years following our first meeting.

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