brushin’ them teeth

Recently I changed my tooth brushing technique.

as a child, I always finished brushing by spitting, rinsing the toothbrush in cold water, and then filling a cup with cold water and swishing/cleaning my mouth out.

A few weeks ago, I switched from cold water to warm water. What an interesting experience. First, I have no idea why I used cold water for 23 years of my life. Warm water is so much better. It doesn’t Bite like the cold water does, and it’s equally as refreshing. Does everyone use warm water? am I just late jumping on the bandwagon? Or… perhaps I’m the start of a new revolution. A revolution for the betterment of brushing enjoyment.

#18: Blood. Also, hair care.

The Question


So this might be a dumb question, but I’m asking anyway. Your heart pumps the blood, your liver cleans the blood (I think), your veins & arteries are little blood tubes – what organ in the body actually MAKES the blood? Where does it COME from?

I also have a followup question regarding my earlier Smith-College-water one. When I take a shower at Smith and let my hair dry naturally, it dries in perfect, smooth, shiny ringlets. When I take a shower at home and let my hair dry naturally, it dries in frizzy, kinky, uncooperative curls. But the water at home has been softened, filtered, cleansed, etc., while the water at Smith smells funny and is certainly nothing special. I use the same shampoo both places. Is bad/hard water good for my hair? Or is it just good for my hair’s appearance? Or is my hair just CRAZY?

Your sister,


Comment by Meghan McQuaid — 1/11/2005 @ 6:54 pm

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weekend of love and pain!

Today my knees feel like Jello with chunks of fruit in it.

this is because I ran 18 miles yesterday.

Actually, it was more like 16 with a mile+ of walk breaks, but I’m still very proud. My sister Theresa and I will be one of many folks running the Boston Marathon without actually qualifying. We’ll just jump in during all the mayhem of the starting line and coast along with the crowds for 4 or 5 hours.

4 or 5 hours.

In order to survive, Theresa and I take 1 minute walking breaks every 15-20 minutes. It allows a little recovery time early on, making the long distance seem a little less overwhelming.
but starting back up after a walking break feels like you’re feeding your legs through a blender. Excruciatingly painful.

In other news I saw the lovely Jill this weekend. we had planned to celebrate valentines day by going to a classy restaurant. But the restaurant ended up blowing their water heater, so we got chinese.
but really? nothing says love more than a heaping plate of lo mien and some crab rangoon.
I carved her a box with a tree in it as a gift. I burned the leaves into the box and filled it with small wooden hearts. It came out really fantastic, I was proud. Jill gave me a handsome watch which makes me feel extremely professional. I’m wearing it at this very moment.

And thus ends another wonderful weekend.

the many faces of pantene

In a recent comment, Ben pointed out that there are 8 flavors of Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner enjoyment:

1. Smooth and Sleek
2. Sheer Volume
3. Full and Thick
4. Daily Moisture Renewal
5. Color Revival
6. Hydrating Curls
7. Relaxed and Natural
8. Classic Care Formula

And that’s just the 2 in 1!! When I explored the website, I found 9 varieties of shampoo, treatments, and more!

Then I went to the ‘expert tips’ section, because I’m always looking for a way to maximize the potential of my locks. But they really didn’t have a section for trying to achieve perfect bed hair without greasy undertones, which is really the kind of style that I seek.

Now that you’ve seen Pantene in full effect, I present to you the website of Mane & Tail. I think the website speaks for itself.

KY: the return

I got back from Kentucky last night. It’s nice to be back, though coming back to the office after four days on the road wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped it would be. Most office folks welcomed me back, but I got a few abrasive “where’s this!” and “how come this isn’t done!” It’s disheartening.

The plane ride was mini. I was on a Beech 1900 for half of the ride back. There were 6 passengers and everyone had both an aisle and a window seat. It was also extremely loud and turbulent. BUT, the pilot left the door to the flight deck open, so I got to watch them line the airplane up with the runway during landing.

The co-pilot was the steward.

They had to check the door seal with a flashlite to make sure it was closed.

And the girl sitting diagonally in front of me was playing Tetris on the new game boy. I was jealous. Tetris rocks. I passed the time by trying to beat box, trying to figure out how many U.S. states begin with vowels, and trying to count how many letters of the alphabet are not represented in the spellings of the U.S. states. It was a productive flight.

It’s good to be back in New England.

KY: Big improvements

My time here in KY is winding down, and from the looks of the weather reports, I should be able to get back to New England just in time for some good cold rain. Last night I switched into the Fairfield Inn. Oh man. what an improvement.

The shower had one of those new-fangled curved shower rods that makes the shower seem significantly larger than it actually is. And… AND… the shampoo was physiQue.

That brings me back to the days at WPI when Shamus, Eric, Jesse, Paul, and I all got an apartment on west street. Paul backed out at the last minute so we put in some requests for a new roommate. And that is how we met Suzanne.

Suzanne was really hot but extremely ditzy. Classic sterotypical blonde that would spend 4+ hours in the bathroom and buy fluffy pink slippers. The day came when I was out of shampoo and kept forgetting to buy more when I went to the store. I looked at my roommates shampoos: Price Chopper Dandruff, Head & Shoulders, Pert Plus, and physiQue.

I used the physiQue and my hair radiated love and joy like the abdomen of a glow worm.

ahh… the good ole days.

Anyway, The Fairfield had physique. And this morning, I’m proud to say my hair is a veritable mop of perfection.

KY: Knight’s inn.

Dear Internets,

Traveling for business kind of stinks. I’ve been staying at the knights inn while I’m on the road. It’s not as royal as they might want you to believe. It’s the huge variances in the temperature of the rooms that is really getting to me. There’s a giant heater/air conditioner in the corner that has a few controls on it. My first night in, it was cold so I turned it on ‘heat’ and it proceeded to slowly turn the room into a sauna. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating from the blasting fury.

The second night I turned it on ‘cold’ and I woke up halfway through the night with the breath of death chilling my bones.

If I have to stay a few extra nights here, I think I’ll switch my hotel.

can’t wait to get home,
mike d.

Kentucky v 3.0

Well, the work stuff is going pretty well here in KY. And I’m happy to say that today’s temperatures are suppose to be in the mid 60’s. That should make for a very enjoyable lunch and evening. Despite the beautiful weather outside, for some reason the temps inside the plant can’t seem to get much higher than about 35 degrees, so gloves and jackets are a must.

I should be heading back home tomorrow evening, so you can be sure that updates to this wonderful site will continue as they were before. Last night I had steak for dinner. Tonight? maybe Ribs. Maybe steak. Maybe Both?

Keep on Rockin.