Jordan’s Furniture

I recently visited the brand new JORDANS FURNITURE store located in Reading Massachusetts with my lovely girlfriend Jill.


Not only is there an entire town inside made out of jelly beans, but there’s a huge water fountain system that’s choreographed to operate with music. It’s stunning. not to mention the Trapeze school that they operate there. Did I say trapeze school? yes. yes I did.

They also have a huge IMAX theater, but when Jill and I showed up all of the shows in the following 5 hrs had already sold out.

All these glorious side shows are made even better by the fact that Jordan’s is an awesome furniture store. I may very well go there to furnish my new home.

I need to go there again soon.

Also, Jonabad’s recent gallery posting has made me realize how much I miss that crazy Texan.

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Back in NE. KY was tiring.

I had a very sociable return flight. Everyone was chattin’ it up. On my first flight I sat next to a guy who noticed my travel guitar and told me all about his daughter Kim who just recently left the music industry to take up law. On my second flight a guy asked me if I had ever had any problems taking the travel guitar along with me, and then the woman that I sat next to started chatting about the family that she’s visiting. She even grabbed a mint for me when the stewardess came around and I had nodded off for a few minutes. I like meeting new people in random places like the airport.

I am reading a new book: The Time Travelers Wife

it sounds EXTREMELY lame. but instead it’s horribly clever. contrary to what the title leads you to believe, it is not science fiction and it is not lame romance. Really, you’ll just have to try it. I was hooked on Chapter two.

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a house chat

Jesse: so all we need to secure the house is an insurance company. I know someone in the Insurance industry I’ll see if they can get us a good deal. mike d: I’m glad you’re Italian, and that you “know people” Jesse: I’ve always said, it’s all about who you know. And you know me. Lucky you.

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#10: The Phantom Speakers

The Question

Why is it my computer speakers pick up and play a Japanese (or perhps Chinese, I speak neither) radio station when nothing else is coming out of them? This happens even when my computer is off!

Evie can vouch for this, and if she says she can’t I’m not going to let her sleep till she vouches!

Comment by Micah — 9/30/2004 @ 8:02 pm

The Answer

Chalk it up to bad wiring. Or funky speakers. Or snarled cables.

Interestingly enough, there are a number of circumstances that can lead to computer speakers broadcasting radio frequencies. Often, if the power outlet that the speakers are plugged in to does not have a good ground, the radio frequencies can be transmitted along the power cord and the speaker is able to translate them into sound. Weird, yes. Also, if the speakers themselves aren’t grounded successfully, this can occur. Finally, if your cables behind your computer are coiled or snarled in just the right way, sometimes they can act as antennae. Of course, what exactly you are picking up is an interesting question. Your neighbors might be agents from overseas. No, really.

Try wrapping all the cables to and from the speakers in foil. If that doesn’t do the trick, try getting some ferrite rings to put around the wires. Or get new speakers.

Now Evie can sleep. I hope.

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430 sq. feet


my hotel room is amazing. not only is it huge (430 sq feet) it has a king sized bed, a computer, and a jacuzzi.

unfortunately work in the plant has been excessively stressful. There are all sorts of deadlines for completing this welder, and really, it’ll be a huge challenge to get them all done. Thankfully I can relax in the jacuzzi and play some music on my travel guitar in the evening to let go of the pressures of life on the road.

I look forward to my return to New England.

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Tomorrow morning I’m flying out of Tweed New Haven on a 6am flight to Cinncinati, then to Charleston WV where I will drive to KY for another week of excessive excitement.

This is simply a warning that updates may be a bit more scarce than usual. Life will resume as normal come friday.

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