the Sandman is taking sick leave

I am suffering through a mild bout of insomnia. For the past week I’ve had a hard time falling asleep before midnight or 1am despite being extremely tired. Then after a fitfull few hours I wake up around 5 and can’t fall back asleep.

This is very unlike me. I think tonight I will make an extra effort to calm myself and start the relaxing process early in an effort to kill the sleeplessness.


The Battle

The Battle

Shortly after sharing a McDonalds lunch with Godzilla, the 50 foot tall Kurt outfitted himself in Halo armor and went after his true target. Godzilla led Kurt back to his lair thinking they would partake in a fun game of Yahtzee but instead Kurt pulled out a gun and blasted away Godzilla’s best friend. As the purple beast collapsed, the children of the world let out a cheer so loud and full of happiness that the joy manifested itself as a shield for Kurt and protected him against Godzilla’s nuclear breath.

The return of spring

this weekend another season change will occur. Thus, it’s time to reflect on the direction of

I think I need a new format. Something a little more professional without sacrificing one ounce of Microsoft Paint. As I scan through the many websites of WPTopsite I notice a driving trend of ‘these people are definitely more skilled than I in the world of webpage stuff.’

Despite this, I think will triumph because of MSPaint and good natured rocking.

Speaking of which, you can expect the Kurt/Godzilla MSPaint battle soon.


I’m back from Georgia! My flight was delayed numerous times, and I have a new loathing of airports.

I’m glad to be home. specifically, I’m glad to be able to return to a regular weekly schedule. It’ll be nice to get back into climbing, home improving, and rocking. Needless to say, I need some good rocking. ‘The incident’(see previous post) was a major blow to my manhood and I need to regain my previous level of cool. I will do so by listening to Jimmy Hendrix nonstop for the next 96 hours while eating hot dogs and beans, pumping iron, watching basketball, and flossing my teeth with a power saw.

I’ll probably take the pink flower out of my hair too and put on some jeans instead of this yellow ‘country girl’ dress.

I have taken a severe blow on the WPTopsite site. I suspect this is also a result of ‘the incident’. So after you feel comfortable that I have returned to the same level of awesome as before, hit the icon in the upper right and vote your soul away. There’s a title that needs to be regained. As soon as finds its way to the top again, I will throw up a new exciting MSPaint banner.


mike d: the weather is really nice. the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze.
mom: wow, that sounds great! It’s freezing here and there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground.
mike d: hey! a butterfly just flew by!
mom: hey! a frozen bird just fell from the tree!

Where was mike d?


Once again, I’m back in Georgia. And let me tell you: it is 100% thrilling.

I have spent 30 of the last 38 hrs working. And while some of it has been fun (lunch time specifically) most of it has been rather trying. I smashed my elbow pretty hard yesterday. The kind of smash that’s followed by a wave of nausea. My pants are dirty to the X-TREME and since there’s no Mane and Tail shampoo here, my hair is not glowing with the shine and radiance that you’ve grown to expect from mike d.

The past week was pretty exciting. On Thursday Jill and I went to NY to see WICKED on broadway. It was amazing. Entertainment like that hasn’t been witnessed since 8ofBass back in ’04. In addition to the show we hit up Madame Tussauds wax museum, the huge ToysRus, and a great French restaurant.

I will do my best to return to the awesome world of the internets as soon as possible.