Automatic Post #4

This is an automatic post.

This is the fourth of seven. Each post contains a MSPaint masterpiece that fulfills a request made last Wednesday by readers.

He just wanted to be higher on the food chain

notes from the artist:
I used a new technique for this drawing that I’ve never tried before. When you change the format of a bitmap to a Jpeg and back, you get some funky color effects. So I did that a few times and then used the switch color method to make ‘leaves.’ I’m really pleased with the result.

Although it kind of looks like the goat is being Hanged by the balloon. In fact, the whole thing looks kind of creepy.

Automatic Post #3

This is an automatic post.

This is the third of seven. Each post contains a MSPaint masterpiece that fulfills a request made last Wednesday by readers.

He's on Fire.

notes by the artist:
The hardest part of this drawing was deciding what constitutes an ‘army’. I decided that 5 was a good number. Specifically because drawing Ninja Lizards is hard.

The rest wasn’t so bad. For some reason I don’t believe this was the first time I drew the A-Team van. And it was certainly not the first time I’ve drawn a lemur playing a burning flying-V guitar.

Automatic Post #2

This is an automatic post.

This is the second of seven. Each post contains a MSPaint masterpiece that fulfills a request made last Wednesday by readers.

It's an ugly contest.

notes by the artist:
For those of you who are unsure, kurt’s on the left. Godzilla’s on the right. This piece went together pretty smoothly. It probably only took about 10 minutes from start to finish. Please note the seasame seeds on the burger buns. That effect was created with the far underused ‘slant’ paintbrush feature. That same tool can be used to make mock caligraphy.

I think this drawing came out pretty well.

Automatic Post #1.

This is an automatic post.

By this time I should be in Georgia working to take apart some equipment. As I didn’t expect to have a computer in Georgia I decided to make Pre-posts. This is the first of seven. Each post will contain a MSPaint masterpiece that will fulfill a request made last Wednesday by readers.

Sydney Mayhem!
notes by the artist:
This particular image was quite simple to complete. I happen to be a huge fan of MSPaint Giraffes. And the sydney opera house has some simple geometry that’s easy to copy. I actually didn’t want the Sydney Opera house to be a dominant image in the Bitmap. I wanted the main focus to be the conflict between man and beast. For this reason, I tried to draw the viewer upwards in the MSPainting towards the action of the helicopters.
The helicopter in the giraffe’s mouth took some time. The rotors on the other two helicopters gave me a rare opportunity to use the skew feature of MSPaint.

Tomorrow’s adventure

Well friends, the MSPaint masterpieces are complete. I’m going to warn you in advance that there were two requests that I did not draw. One was Tim’s simply because I think his ‘request’ was meant more for humor than for actual drawability. The other I will keep a secret to add to the suspense.

Also, if I was given multiple options, I took the easier one. Simply because of a lack of time.

My flight leaves today at 4. I will be returning next Wednesday evening. Between now and then, you have 7 exciting Automatic posts waiting for you. I bid you farewell!

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Well, the day is drawing near. That day being the start of my business trip to Georgia.

The thing is, I don’t think that I’m going to have computer access for this journey. Or, if I do, it will be very limited. BUT! I don’t want to leave my faithful readers with a week without mike d. For that reason, I’m thinking about doing PRE-entries. That’s right. I’ll make the entries ahead of time and have them post randomly over the next 7 days. I need ideas though. MSPaint masterpieces would be the obvious first choice. So we’ll try that.

If you’d like an MSPaint drawing dedicated to you, please submit your request in the comments. Tell me what you’d like me to draw. I’ll do what I can this evening to make as many as I can and set up the website for automatic posting. This will also give me good practice for the future choose your own adventure website that Jon, Joey, The Pope, Kurt, Ben, Walid, and I are working to create.

Sneeze Antics

I just sneezed twice in rapid succession.

Voice from over the cubes: Gazuntite! (sp)
mike d: (recovering) whew. Thank you very much.
Voice from over the cubes: Was that a sneeze?
mike d: yes, it was two actually.
Voice from over the cubes: is that a cold? or are you allergic to something?
mike d: Actually, I have no idea why I just sneezed.
Voice from over the cubes: That’s really interesting, because there used to be a guy who worked in your cube who would sneeze twice every day at 2 o’clock. you could set your watch to it… Although you’re a few minutes early.
mike d: I’ll work to fix that.