how appropriate

There was just a big Climate Control Convention held by the U.N. They really didn’t get anything useful done because the U.S. was being pesky.

but, check out their awesome logo!
I'm melting!
a little melting Earth! how clever

Yanukovych vs. Yushchenko

I was reading THIS article on CNN this morning pre-work. I was zipping through it, not really reading closely. It seemed entirely one sided. I was more than halfway through before I realized that Yanukovych and Yushchenko were not the same name.

Seriously. it’s hard to keep track.

The acclaim gets fresh

I got in the acclaim to fame after my all too long furnace experience this afternoon. It was bitterly cold outside.

I started her up and pulled out of our driveway.

I looked down and noticed that the clock was off. I tapped my hand against it a few times and cranked the radio knobs a bit and finally it turned back on. I drove another 50 feet when suddenly the radio kicked out. So I turned to look at the clock/radio display and it showed some weird symbols “.-_” Then, it went blank again. When it came back it showed “F U”

I smacked it, it warbled, and then it went back to playing music and showing the time.

The house, the home, the horror

All of our house adventures have been moving along quite nicely. The whole place is really taking shape. I hope to be moved in by Wednesday.

Sadly, our furnace is still struggling. Some guys are scheduled to come today between 12 and 2. PERFECTLY SPANNING THE ENTIRE DURATION OF MY COMPANY’S HOLIDAY PARTY. Because of this lousy furnace, I’m missing the most anticipated holiday event on the office calander. The horror.


I had a dream that my barber took out all the barber chairs in his barber shop and replaced them with small boulders. When you were getting your hair cut you had to hold onto the boulder while wearing bubble wrap gloves.

Dramatic Illustration:
gloves of bubble wrap

The world is shrinking

Check this out: Tholos.

Placed in numerous cities around the world, it projects the view from those cities onto the local screens and then likewise sends your images to the other Tholos centers around the globe… It’s like a video/audio portal.

“THOLOS thereby transmits life-sized images and clear sound around the globe. It produces a panoramic, 360 degree picture and enables audiovisual communication and real time face to face interaction.”

I’m impressed.

clean desk

Pete, a sales guy here at work, has an immaculate desk.

It’s pristine.

The solid wood workspace has an empty ‘in’ box and one or two short piles of papers neatly stacked; each topped with a single smooth stone.

mike d: Pete. how do you keep your desk so clean?
Pete: Oh, I have this box here. ::pulls out a box the size of a small refrigerator from under his desk:: When I get paper I just throw it in here. An inch of paper is equivalent to about a week. ::reaches in and pulls out thick stack of completely unorganized paper::
See? Three weeks.