A new type of entertainment

We’ve all enjoyed choose your own adventures, and those of you who frequent pope’s site have surely read the choose your own adventure that developed in his comments section.

Shortly after the events of that monumental day, Jon Abad had a vision.

A vision to create a real online choose your own adventure. And he did it here: Youownadventure.org

This is how it works, the people of the internet can go and read the developing story. At some point in your story, you may be greeted with an empty page. This is when you add your portion of the excitement and the adventure grows and grows until it takes over the internet.

Then, each night, I sit down at my desk and open up the story and try to complete an MSPaint drawing for one or two of the new chapters. It’s fun, it’s simple.

The story starts a bit slow, but gets exciting fast.
Please feel free to participate! it makes the whole thing much more exciting.

For Jocelyn

Here’s the High-Res image of the pro-meat slogans. Specially created for Jocelyn.

Located Here

(if you’re using IE, make sure to expand the image to the largest size. Otherwise it looks really poor)