interesting work

I’m currently working on some very interesting work. My goal is to try and manipulate variables within the solid modeling program that we use so that it will do my work for me. Sounds geeky? perhaps. But it also holds some huge potential for cutting down the required amount of engineering work for your standard job here at TTool. I hope to be done in a month.

In other news, we went rock climbing last night and I tried a 5.12. I failed miserably. In fact, I could barely do the first move. What amazed me most is that the move required an extremely unusual muscle in my side. After I tried twice I had to stop, simply because this one odd muscle in my side was a bonfire of pain. How unusual.

If you’d like to come rock climbing, send me an e-mail. i’m trying to get as many new people as possible before May 15th so that I can win a free rope.

#22: Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

The Question

February 9th, 2005 at 4:13 pm

I have a print of a photograph by Robert Doisneau hanging in the stairwell of my apartment. The piece is called Le Bouquet de Jonquilles (or Bouquet of Daffodils) and can be seen here:–10063945/sOrig–CRT/sOrigId–787/The_Bouquet_of_Daffodils__Paris_1950.htm?ui=C958674B218E4097AB1BCDC5840C8484

Every time I pass by I admire the shoes on the women in the photo. Shaun, where can I find such shoes as these? Who made them? Why are they so fabulous? Could they be even MORE amazing in color?


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Weekend excitement

This weekend the House of Rock truly rocked. We had a bunch of visitors including Jesse’s bass-tastic cousin Tyler, his girlfriend Karen, Kurt and Shauna, and both H.C. Alicia and my sister Alicia. We went climbing on Friday and Saturday and my sister did quite well. Her confidence was impressive and she has some funky flute playing muscles in her hands that I’m sure helped her hold on to the walls.

As one would expect, we made an extra large pot of beans for the guests.

Karen had to skip out on the beans because she was a vegetarian, and our beans contained bacon, ground beef, and pork fat. her loss.


JonAbad has helped me fix the comment problem.

It is repaired. Feel free to enjoy the newness by commenting on this post with accolades for Jon Abad.

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Soreness be gone!

mike d’s complaining:
My right buttocks and right calf hurt.
My left hamstring and quad hurt.

But I still plan on going rock climbing tonight.

HoR news:
This weekend is a HUGE weekend at the House of Rock. We’re going to be doing some heavy housework. So if you have no plans and you’d like to experience true labor, please stop by.