I’ve said it before: My band would reach instant stardom if we had Sting playing bass for us.

I really think the quality of the music wouldn’t matter with Sting in the band. He wouldn’t even have to play anything. he could just hang out in the recording studio. I bet it’d awesome.


Then, after we soar to fame, we could kick Sting out. Imagine that! It’d be like that one time when a former Miss America asked if she could take the seat next to me at the cafeteria of my former place of employment and I said: “no, I’m sorry. that seat is taken”

Really though, we would never kick Sting out of our band. he’s too legendary.

Sting? if you ever happen across this as you sludge through the endless mass of the internets, you can consider this an open invitation to jam with my band.

Beat it.

My uncle Jim got me an ‘inside the egg electric egg scrambler’ for Christmas.

It’s really weird. You jam the egg onto a small off-center needle which then WHIPS around inside the egg.
Tim: note the dotted hidden lines

Amazingly, it is actually quite convenient. Every time I want omeletes, french toast, or crepes I don’t have to dirty an extra dish for beating eggs. Also, last night we tried Hard boiling these yolkless eggs.

it was strange. Tasty… but strange.

gas man.

Jesse called the gas guy to get us a new gas meter. They are coming on Saturday between 8 and 4.

Between EIGHTam. and FOURpm.

mind you, that’s an 8 hour block of time. I bet if they REALLY tried, they could cut that down to a 6 hour block. Maybe even four hours.

So anyway, if anyone would like to visit CT this weekend, someone will be home between 8 and 4.

Monday blues

This weekend was a fury of activity followed by a swath of inactivity. First, the fury:

Friday night I spent some time with Wizzo, the captain, infinity, francisco, kate, and others. There was a beruit game like never before. Wizzo stood at one end of the table, The captain at the other. I sat at one side holding a guitar so tightly, francisco was opposite me holding his guitar so tightly.

When wizzo shot, Francisco would play rhythm spanish rock guitar and I would solo furiously. When the captain was throwing, our roles would reverse. It was something for the record books.

After quesadillas, smore brownies, golf, and a perfectly timed HnH entrance, I left to visit my mother for her birthday.

As usual, my rents were extremely busy bustling around fixing up the porch. My mother was painting some exciting colors and looking happy. Happy birthday mom!

soon after, I left for Manchester to visit jill. and thus begins the swath of inactivity. We watched three lifetime original movies. My advice to others: Never watch lifetime original movies. They were HORRIBLE. MISERABLE. we also saw Garden State. That was good. I enjoyed it.

Sunday I dug my car out of the parking space with my window scraper and mosied my way back to CT. stopping in the woo to see tom & mykal. My only weekend regret is not seeing glossy.

it was a good weekend.

New Kid on the Block

So seeing as Alicia either doesn’t know how to type a movie review or she doesn’t know how to watch movies, I, Kurt Onofrey, am making a bid to claim the Movie Reviewer Title from her. From this day henceforth I will be both more dilligent in the Movie Reviewing Posting, as well as responding to movie review requests. And to kick off this new Golden Age I’ll start off with the National blockbuster, Ocean’s 12:

Ocean’s 12

Ocean’s 12 has been burning a path through America’s Movie theaters this past week and with good cause. Starring such dynamic acting talent as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon. Reprising their roles as thieves and pickpockets from the remake of the the movie Oceans’ Eleven, Danny and his group of criminals are hit with a blast from the past as Las Vegas Casino kingpin Terry Benedict shows up to settle on a debt from the first movie. To make up for the money owed the crew must take a job to pay back the 160 million that they stole, plus interest.
The entire cast from the first film is back again from Don Cheadle to Bernie Mac. With such an all star cast you can’t really miss. Everyone plays a much more integral role in the caper this time and it is nice to see everyone taking part. After a few foul ups, a rival thief, and a pesky Interpol Agent (Catherine Zeta-Jones), the story starts to heat up. The acting in this film was just as amazing as the first film. The scheme and the eventual heist is one of the best laid stories i’ve seen in a while. But lets not put all the glory on the actors here. I found the cinemetography to be abosultely fabulous. One scene from an landing pad was pretty spectacular.
Over all I would say that this film surpasses the first film in its entertainment factor, but falls a little short of the original in its ingenuity. A definate purchase if your a fan of any of the stars in the movie, or if you enjoyed the original. I’d give this movie 4 Ocelot Claws out of 5.

Well I hope you enjoyed my first review. There are plenty more where that came from.

~ K

eternal sickness

I have been plagued with a cold for almost two weeks now. I think it’s finally on its way out, but man what an annoyance. Jill believes that the duration of this illness has been lengthened by my poor sleep schedule. I’m sure she’s right, I just have the hardest time getting to bed early. This is even more true since I moved into the House of Rock.

I mean seriously. It’s the House of Rock.