yesterday Jesse and I tried to put up a fingerboard. Fingerboards are strange little devices that mimic rock formations so that you can strengthen your fingers for rock climbing. We wanted to put it in the foyer. Here’s a simple “how to” for putting up fingerboards.

Step 1:Find studs in wall by drilling 47 holes wherever you think there might be a stud.
I wonder how many people will count to see if there are actually 47 holes in this picture
Step 2: Get frustrated and buy a stud finder
Step 3: Use stud finder to find actual studs
Step 4: Discover that there aren’t actually any studs because it’s an I-Beam
Step 5: Cut backing plate out of wood that stretches across jousts along top and bottom of I-Beam
Step 6: Mount fingerboard to backing plate
Step 7: Realize your screws aren’t long enough to mount the backing plate and postpone the project ’till later

Other than that, the weekend was a success.

TOPSITE UPDATE: Jon Abad and I are doing GREAT (#3 and #4). But, It seems that it resets every weekend. So, make it your Monday Ritual to click on the topsite button and vote again. Jon Abad and Mike D will rule this wptopsite even if we have to cheat tell everyone we know!


At the suggestion of one JonAbad, I have joined the race to the top of TOPSITE.

So Click on the funky icon in the top right of my page. The goal, of course, is for Jon and I to reign supreme at #1 and #2, thus controlling the vast wealth of fame and fortune that go with those coveted spots.

Right now I’m rated below a site that’s written entirely in Norwegian . I consider this a virtual kick in the pants.

that’s the icon. Click on that.

and after you click on mine, zip over to Jon’s site and click his too. we’re merging our powers to dominate the wordpress scene.

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I’ve said it before: My band would reach instant stardom if we had Sting playing bass for us.

I really think the quality of the music wouldn’t matter with Sting in the band. He wouldn’t even have to play anything. he could just hang out in the recording studio. I bet it’d awesome.


Then, after we soar to fame, we could kick Sting out. Imagine that! It’d be like that one time when a former Miss America asked if she could take the seat next to me at the cafeteria of my former place of employment and I said: “no, I’m sorry. that seat is taken”

Really though, we would never kick Sting out of our band. he’s too legendary.

Sting? if you ever happen across this as you sludge through the endless mass of the internets, you can consider this an open invitation to jam with my band.

Beat it.

My uncle Jim got me an ‘inside the egg electric egg scrambler’ for Christmas.

It’s really weird. You jam the egg onto a small off-center needle which then WHIPS around inside the egg.
Tim: note the dotted hidden lines

Amazingly, it is actually quite convenient. Every time I want omeletes, french toast, or crepes I don’t have to dirty an extra dish for beating eggs. Also, last night we tried Hard boiling these yolkless eggs.

it was strange. Tasty… but strange.