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Weekend update!

This weekend was good. In addition to tons of guitar playing, there was a jam session, kung fu, cooking, gaming, and plenty of work on the acclaim. I also managed to clean out a good portion of junk that’s been cluttering my room. I’m going to try and get rid of as many of my unused posessions as possible over the coming weeks. Old Clothes, old papers, old computer files, everything. Simplification is the goal and the trash barrel is the means.


I forgot to mention, last night I had a dream that I won the grand prize in a contest. as a result, I got to spend a whole afternoon with the entire cast of the hit 90’s TGIF show: Step By Step.


This was the most exciting New Years I have ever experienced.

It started off with Double Dutch 2006.


I got together with Ryan Schenk early that afternoon to Silk Screen t-shirts. We used the MSPaint image above on some bright yellow shirts from A.C.Moores. The results were breathtaking:


Ryan and I got to Erich’s place around 6:45 and set up the christmas lights ambiance and got the boombox rocking some M.C.Hammer. a light snow had started to fall. everything was ready. and everything was magical.

Check out that Jumpsuit!

RyanSchenk, Molly, Erich, Nicole, and Myself were the only jumpers, but what we didn’t have in quantity we made up for in quality. We ended up jumping rope for a solid hour and a half alternating between single and double ropes.

Turns out, double dutch is hard.

Erich, shown below in his Double Dutch 2006 pose, was the first to successfully navigate himself into the center of the spinning ropes of fury.


He stayed in for a solid 10-12 rope turns and when the rope finally did catch, we all exploded into cheers of excitement and joy. What a rush! Erich was the hero of the night.

By the end of the night we had all had a taste of double dutch. Even Ryan Schenk, whose busted collar bone restricted his ability to rock hard, logged some serious air time in the hot spot. But we weren’t satisfied. That’s why Double Dutch 2006 is going to strike worcester again. Likely in February, and likely around Valentines day. I cannot even describe how much fun it was last night. Special thanks go out to Erich and Molly for hosting the event. I look forward to many more jumping opportunities.

Winterminator and more

This weekend there was Winterminator 2006. It was a calm and fun get together in worcester that included such weblog personalities as Infinity, The Captain, Caitlin, Ian, Jake, Kaiapopolis, Rachel, and The Internet. I think the entire experience can be summed up with this video of a huge Jenga balancing act.


I think the sound is by far the best part. In the few seconds of that clip there is quiet calm, urgency, dispair, and laughter. And the warmth that the picture conveys really brings it together nicely. Excellent video jonabad.

I was disappointed that Wizzo, MoreUh, and Stability were not in attendance… but it gives me good excuse to return at a later date post January 12th.

Weekend Update

This weekend was busy. Friday night saw rigorous climbing with Tommy and Pindar, Saturday was full of work, exercise, and cooking, and saturday night included a trip to worcester.

I was able to spend some time with Ian, Ben, Old Man Schenk, Ruth, Tyler, and various folks at the post-Steven Lynch party. The highlight of Saturday’s adventures was the fire at Old man schenk’s place. There we were, playing backgammon and discussing the nuances of kiteboarding, when the fire alarm began to blare. We looked at each other in confusion and went to investigate.

No fire was noticeable, so we continued our game. Shortly there-after we began to smell smoke.
“let’s get out of here.” I suggested. Old Man agreed.
After calling the fire department, we spent a feisty two or three minutes catching Meowstrow and stuffing her into a box*. Meanwhile smoke was billowing ferociously through the back door.

After leaping from the second story windows into snow banks**, we waited for the fire department. as it turns out the first floor had had an unfortunate oven incident while baking brownies (Ryan informs me that these were likely very special brownies). After some windows were opened, our adventures continued from where they had left off. I think ryan won that game. But it was close.

*Meowstrow, as it happens, has the strength of a puma.
*this was made up for the sake of the story. we didn’t actually jump from the windows. instead, we walked calmly down the front stairs.

Moment of Triumph!

Last night I climbed a 5.11c/d. That’s one small step below the glorious 5.12. It was triumphant. I started the night with an easy 5.7 and progressed quickly through some tried and true 11a’s. My fingers were feeling strong and motivation was flowing, so I decided to challenge myself and attempted the 11d. It was not clean, I feel two or three times, but I reached the top. I am very proud.

Here’s a story from last weekend.

Jill and I were in the car on Saturday going to pick up Rick Richter. In the quest for wonderful music, Jill was scanning some radio stations when I heard the impossible to miss chords of Journey’s WHEEL IN THE SKY.
“WAIT WAIT,” I shouted concerned “That’s journey, go back go back.”
Jill rolled her eyes and switched it back. Sadly, it was the last chorus and a few seconds later the song ended. Just as Jill was about to change stations I heard a DJ mention that it was ‘double play day.’ I pushed her hand away from the radio just in time for THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT.

Two journey songs! I was in heaven.

Jill changed the station at that song’s completion. Suddenly on the new station, I heard the tell-tale opening riff of LIGHTS. “More Journey!” I shouted as Jill scoffed. So we listened to that, and you know what? It was block weekend on radio station number two. We heard THREE more journey songs: ANYWAY YOU WANT IT, DON’T STOP BELIEVIN, and LOVIN’ TOUCHIN’ SQUEEZIN.

SIX journey songs on the radio on a single car ride. It was EPIC.

Tabasco Fiasco and Friends


My weekend was excellent. Saturday I drove back to MA to see my dad’s band, Tabasco Fiasco, play at a bar in Andover Ma. They were stunning. Foolishly, I left my camera behind. But I assure you, it was a sight to see. Two saxes, a bass, drummer, and guitarist, Tabasco Fiasco played for a solid 3 hours to a full dance floor and extremely enthused bar patrons. My dad is the newest member of the band, but it was clear that he added a lot of energy to the group. He switched between tenor and baritone sax and rocked hard. They played a lot of classic hits: stevie wonder, sugarloaf, nat king cole. very classy.

I will likely be going to see them again in the coming weeks, if you’re interested in joining me fire me an e-mail.

Other weekend highlights included:
Decimating Rick Richter in Foosball
Trying Tom & Mykal’s Mulled Cider and Pickled Carrots (ridiculicious!)
Spending some time with Jill

If all my weekends could be that fun, I’d be thrilled.
Don’t Forget! MSPaint entries are due by thursday at midnight. Topic: That which you would least expect to find at the end of a rainbow.


Jill visited this weekend. We went to the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford. It was a really enjoyable museum. We also made some dinner, hit up a sushi place, and watched Hotel Rwanda. It was an excellent movie. Alicia, if you get a chance, watch and review this one.

I’ve started downloading a huge selection of Disco favorites. This downloading frenzy was ignighted by this:


(curtosy of joe)


I’m back from my trip to England! it was a good time, but the entire trip was shrouded in a veil of exhaustion. 14 hours of flight, 10 hours of driving, and 18 hours of meetings over four days is a lot. But I ate very well and the meetings were productive. I’m finally feeling refreshed after some serious rest this weekend. Our flight’s feature film was Herbie, Fully Loaded. What a Ride!

I snapped a few photos of the hotel and such but have yet to take them off my camera.

This is a triumphant week in Mike D history, as I will be starting classes for my masters in Mech Eng. I am not very excited, but I do hope that it will go smoothly. To compensate for the dreary life that will accompany the return of Homework, I am bumping up my physical activity a notch in hopes that I will reach new levels of fitness.

In other news, Jill, Ruth, and Old Man Schenk visited this weekend. We hit IKEA and made lots of delicious food for consumption. It was fun. Usually I don’t like vegetarians, but Ruth and Old Man seem pretty cool. I think they might be carnivores at heart. I will continue to use peer pressure to convince them that bacon, is in fact, Rediculicious.