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Sweater Thursday!

It’s Thursday! and here’s my sweater.

Mike D in orange

That half-smirk is the placating smile of someone who is still suffering form a cold but still came to work and is struggling to grin for his camera.

I don’t think I’ve paired that tie with this sweater before. I like the contrast. I think it’s fun.

Mykal contributed a photo of Corbin! Check out his sweet sweater outfit.

Sweater Outfit!

Also: Wow. that is some amazing floor.

Sweater Thursday!

Another Thursday is here! Let’s go to the photos.

Today I’m wearing a blue ribbed sweater with a shirt and tie combo that is fairly pleasant. It’s worth noting that that pizza was gone before the picture completed loading.


Next up we’ve got Mykal and Corbin!

Corbin and Mykal!

Mykal asked that it be noted that Corbin is actually wearing sweater PANTs as well. Here’s another picture:

Corbin with sweaterish pants!

Next up we’ve got Erin coming in with an Argyle number. Lookin’ classy Erin!

I am always a fan of the argyle.

And finally an awesome photo of Kurt and Stephen


So fantastically twinny! Thanks for the sweater photos!!

Oh, hello there Sweater Thursday.

I like using a fun accent color with dark toned sweaters.

Mykal and Corbin

Ahh, the first of the baby sweaters though admittedly that picture was sent to me a few weeks ago before I had my sweaters in order. Anyway, I anticipate more than a few baby sweater photos this year. For example…

Stephen! (note: kurt's)

Kurt’s kid is rockin’ some Tron-esque stripes. I approve.


And there’s Colleen! The contrast between sweater and hair is awesome in that photo.

Sweater Thursday!

It’s the final Sweater Thursday of the season! Let’s get sweatered!


I decided to go with my favorite new sweater today, the gray argyle. It’s just a nice sweater

The big news today is the participation of the McQuaid Clan. Let’s welcome first Shaun and Marin!

Shaun and Marin!

Next, Jen and Duchess!

Jen and Duchess!

It’s great to see the McQuaids back in action on Welcome back!┬áJen points out that this is the first time Shaun has let Jen put a sweater on Duchess. ha ha!

Next up Alicia and Jesse!

Alicia and Jesse

More sweaters!

Jocelyn in a homemade number!

I love that color Jocelyn. Awesome!

Jocelyn, that color is awesome. Way to go with your craftiness!

Patrick on the cloudy west coast!

Okay, I admit. I dropped the ball on this one. This was from two weeks ago.

Patrick, where was this photo taken? It doesn’t seem to have enough dramatic elevation changes for Seattle.

And the other Mike D!

The classic collar + sweater. Fantastic.

Other Mike D, you look a little snarky in this picture. But still, I appreciation the shirt sweater combo. Awesome.

Thanks to everyone for a raucous season of sweaters. Let’s enjoy the warm weather as it approaches and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of new sweaters next fall.

Sweater Thursday

Good morning!

It’s sweater Thursday! I figured I’d jump on the post early today since I’ve been so far behind with my posting as of late. So let’s do this.

Wait, what?


Last night I was playing with iChat with Ryan Schenk and we found that within the effects tab, you can set your background as a greenscreen and then it will start looping video behind you. This is me in the middle of a roller coaster ride. There are other effects as well: moonscape, underwater, yosemite, the list goes on.

Next up, the faithful Jess has returned with more sweater.


Jess is looking quite classy today in her layered look. I appreciate this outfit and color choice. Great combination Jess. So extremely classy!

And what about you dear reader? Are you wearing a sweater on this warm winter day? If so, send me a photo at MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com and I will add you to the post.

Sweater onward, good friends. Sweater onward.

Sweater Thursday

Hello sweatered friends!

This week we didn’t get many participants, but I blame this entirely on myself. My new position at my company has been so incredibly busy. I’ve been working all sorts of overtime to try and finish all my work. This coupled with a t-shirt project I’m working on with a fellow climber has yielded very little time.

But enough excuses. We might as well sweater

This week we are debuting a new sweater that Darcy helped me pick out.


There’s actually all sorts of new there. Not only do we have that awesome gray scale argyle sweater, I can introduce both my new office and my new Wacom Intuos4. All of those new things are totally righteous.

Next up? Jess!

Jess with green flower accessory!

I think Jess is holding her hair up, in part, to stress the epic-ness of her sweet hoop earrings. Sooooo awesome Jess.

And that’s it! Special thanks to Jess for keeping it real. I hope to see the rest of you folks sweatered and awesome next Thursday!

Sweater Thursday!

Hello Good readers!

It’s Thursday, and that means sweaters. Amazingly, I forgot to wear a sweater myself. This morning I decided to make myself some red lego cufflinks to go with my red tie. I got so wrapped up in the manufacturing process that I completely forgot sweaters.

That said, you did not forget. So let’s get started.

First up? Jesse. Sweat(er)in’ to the (c)oldies.

Blue wool it would seem.

Jesse provided a short poem with his entry:

Yet another week.
Yet another storm.
Yet another sweater.


Next up, Jess coming in from South Dakota!


I don’t know what type of sweater this is, but it has some amazing coloring (or texturing… hard to tell). Great sweater choice Jess.

Next, Sisi from China

Sisi & Family!

Sisi writes:

Today is the first day for our Chinese New Year & Spring Festival celebration. This year is the year of the rabbit.

For the first day of the spring festival, the son’s family will stay in their mom’s home. So, I had a picture with my cousins and we are each standing in a different ‘Happy New Year’ position.
Mine is the lady position, next to me is the rabbit year position, next is the traditional new year position, and the last is the Kung Fu position. Enjoy the picture! Happy Rabbit year to all! I wish you a lot of health, wealth, and happiness!

Thanks Sisi! Awesome picture!

Finally, we feature Kurt’s picture this week. Let’s all welcome Stephen to his first Sweater Thursday.


I think Stephen might already be bored with Sweater Thursday.

Great picture Kurt!

Thanks to all who participated! If you are wearing a sweater and haven’t sent me a picture, please feel free to do so! E-mail it to: MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com.