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I had a dream last night that a stock that I had invested in jumped 600% and suddenly I had $120,000!!!

As I began to wonder what to do with all this money I thought “I could get a new car!” then I realized… nah… the Acclaim is in great shape.


What is the least amount of value that could be associated with a Ton of Money?

I think the choice would obviously have to be pennies since the weight to value ratio of a penny is highest.

The weight of 32 pennies averaged comes out to 2.87 grams . There are 907,184.7 grams in a Ton.

That means you need 316,092 pennies, or $3,160.92 to have a Ton of Money.

Of course if you were to get $100 bills instead, the math works out to about 98Million Dollars.

Of course, I’m only looking at US currencies. Foreign currencies could get really interesting.

A conversation with a co-worker

Co-worker: Mike, we need some new mechanical engineers.
MikeD: oh?
Co-worker: yes. Preferably Female. Young. They would be working on our new product. It would be best if they were Sweedish. Maybe Lesbians? Lesbian Mechanical Engineers who are Twins. No… Triplets. We need three sweedish young female lesbian engineers who are triplets. Do you know anyone?

Pet Peeve

It bugs me when people do not identify themselves at the start of a phone conversation.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if I do the same thing once in awhile.

Hiatus indeed

It’s not just the Defy McQuaid that will be postponned until the site speeds up…

Posting in general will cease until the problem has been identified.

UPDATE: the problem has been upgraded to ‘level 2’ by my hosting company. They’re not quite sure what’s wrong.