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Acclaim Story

This morning the Acclaim was a block of ice. After fridgedly chipping thorugh the ice on the driver side I found the that lock was frozen over. 5minutes later I was breathing hot air onto the passenger side door lock. Finally, I was able to get my key in the lock. I got inside and turned the car on. After 10 more minutes of ice chopping to free the windshield wipers, I was ready to go. My fingers were falling off from the bitter cold, my feet were caked with snow, and as I stumbled into the car from the passenger side door my shoulder hit the rearview mirror which fell off.

Despite all this, I still love my car to death.

S. McQuaid’s dream…

I had a dream last night that I was partnered with Macgyver, attending a Texas Rangers baseball practice. We were investigating reports of drunkenness at practice.

Yep, the Texas Rangers were drunk. One of them, who looked especially like Biff from Back to the Future, was so drunk – he left his car keys in the dirt next to second base!