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Poorly thought out phrase

Easy as pie seems wrong. Granted, a pie is easier to make than a cake but crusts are frustrating and time consuming. And there’s tons of conflicting advice on cold butter, iced water, and shortening/butter ratios.

If I’m looking for a quick easy something to eat it would definitely not be pie, it would probably be cereal.

Easy as cereal. That’s more like it.


My father in law was asking Johnny about a recent yearly physical.

FIL: Johnny! You went to the doctor? What did the Doctor say?
Johnny: No more Monkeys jumping on the bed!

Thirty Seven!

Tomorrow is my thirty seventh birthday. Hooray!

It turns out that Chris Evans (Captain America) is two days older than me. I think this is an important thing. Everyone should have a humbling birthday doppelganger like I do with Chris Evans. Someone we can look to and say, “Wow, they have ACED it in the same amount of time that I have had.” There’s no bitterness or jealous just a grounding point of applause for another human. It would probably be healthy to have a few different criteria for doppelgangers. Perhaps one in pop culture, one in academics, one in athletics, and one in philanthropy. I’ll keep hunting for my other humbling doppelgangers.

Impact Driver

Holy smokes! Recently I acquired some new tools including a DeWalt 20V Brushless impact driver. Gad zooks! What a powerful little beast! Fasteners have never been so fun.

If you don’t have an impact driver, get yourself an impact driver.


I was just notified that the Glowforge shipping process has begun for me! T minus three to six weeks everybody! Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle!


The noun ‘news’ tickles me. Let’s take an adjective ‘new’ throw an S on the end and consider it a noun.

I kinda wish that after a defined period of time post publishing, news would be reclassified as “olds.”

When the Bough breaks

We have a few baby books scattered around the house that use the word “bough” instead of branch. I find it curious I’ve only ever encountered the word in baby books and nursery rhymes. I find this particularly ludicrous because we’re using these books to teach language.

Maybe I should embrace it. Maybe I’ll start using it all the time.

“oh look! An Oriole!”
“On the bough of the Maple!”