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Christmas decorations

I saw a house this morning that had its Christmas tree up. So many people get angry at early decorations, but when it’s still summer and someone puts up their Christmas tree you have to applaud their dedication to the holiday.

Beautifully gross.

You know what’s a weird question to answer:
What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever thrown up?

Much easier is it to answer the question:
What’s the most disgusting place you’ve ever thrown up?

Construction Projects

This summer has been a summer of construction, including the following ambitious plans:

1. Vegetable garden
2. Patio
3. Driveway Drainage
4. Shed

So far we have completed the first two items. And Gad-Zooks it has been a work fest. It’s well known that projects such as these are routinely underestimated. In our case? Yes. Efforts were completely underestimated. This week I will document the garden and patio events. The Vegetable Garden post will be up Tuesday morning, The patio post will be up Thursday morning.

See you then!

Dataless Day 2

What better way to start our month of no TV and internet than by watching the SuperBowl!! Okay, I admit it. We specifically crafted the rules to make sure we could still watch the SuperBowl. The rule was that our TV would be unplugged.

We watched the SuperBowl at Shaun’s place.

Is that cheating? Eh, maybe. But the goal here isn’t to be stupid, it’s to stop stupidity. The SuperBowl is a gathering, a social event. It’s hardly Jen and me sitting at opposite ends of a couch looking at Facebook or Words with Friends for an hour without talking. Watching the SuperBowl with friends is good in the the same way that going out to a movie would be fine.

It’s a far more social experience than a binge-a-thon of Cupcake Wars.



This morning America slapped me in the face with freedom. First as I drove to work a Bald Eagle swooped over the highway leaving behind jet trails of liberty. And then when I got to work? Boxes of free Sun Chips for all the employees.

Nothing says America like soaring eagles and free Sun Chips.