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I find it somewhat strange that in the summer we go to the beach and promptly erect structures (tents, umbrellas, beach blankets, chairs with drink holders) to protect ourselves from the beach.

Well. That’s weird.

For months, maybe even years, I have been perplexed by a callus that unassumingly sits on the right side of my left forefinger. There’s a slightly less pronounced callus in the same spot on my middle finger. But I could not begin to grasp where this callus came from.

Suddenly yesterday I caught myself biting my finger. What?! THAT’S REALLY WEIRD. Apparently when I’m thinking while in a sitting position I will casually bring my left hand to my face and rest my teeth against the right side of my forefinger, and more rarely my middle finger.

I acknowledge that this is completely bizarre. Perhaps now that I have spotted the habit, I can defeat it.


I’m sitting at my gate in Chicago as the loudspeaker cracks to life “for passengers traveling to Hartford there has been a gate change, please proceed to gate B10 for your flight”

The guy sitting next to me laughs aloud “ha! No one goes to Hartford”

Christmas decorations

I saw a house this morning that had its Christmas tree up. So many people get angry at early decorations, but when it’s still summer and someone puts up their Christmas tree you have to applaud their dedication to the holiday.

Beautifully gross.

You know what’s a weird question to answer:
What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever thrown up?

Much easier is it to answer the question:
What’s the most disgusting place you’ve ever thrown up?