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A little writting exercise

Jes Saint is doing a little exercise of trying to regularly write. Here are some fun words she wrote about Coffee.

Coffee is the friend whose call is always welcome. The lover you don’t have to hide. Warmth and wakefulness float on ribbons of steam, a comforting contrast to the blaring shock of the alarm clock. Clouds of sleepiness parted rather than broken, bringing a more peaceful start to the day.

Nice job Jes! I love it.

A poem.

My friend Sarah who I met at Alicia’s wedding has a writing club. I joined. This is my first contribution to the club.

The challenge was to write about a post-apocalypse world. We were asked to write about the government, the fallout, or whether people were happy or miserable in this world.

this is my entry:

When the lights dimmed and the high rises tumbled
We expected the world to break
But instead it’s really been pretty nice
Since our world was saved by cake.

You see, when order fell into chaos
No one knew what was going on
But the bakers? They compensated
With light fluffy filled chiffons

Nuclear fallout killed billions
Or so the newsmen report
But the bakers resisted radioactivity
with Kransekake and Sachertorte

And now much of the world is restricted
A modern day Fourth Zone
But the people are happy and joyful
overflowing with Panatone.

Now we can’t help but smile in joy
As we walk amongst heaps of debris
For this world is a far better place
With streets paved of Zwetschgendatschi.

Rodent Update

First there was the mouse that mike d. caught
the first from our rodent zoo
When we opened the trap to let him free
he jumped away like a kangaroo

Then there was the mouse that Thomas caught
he had tempted it with cake
we drove a few miles to let him free
just south of Mirror Lake

Mouse #3 was caught in the morning
so we put him in a large blue bin
there were two when we came back later that night
#4 must have fallen in

Mouse #5 was caught by hand
while Thomas was on patrol
He was a baby mouse and was having trouble
jumping back into the mouse hole

Mouse #6 was caught the next day
and I think we can all agree
no one expected until the release
#6 knew how to climb trees

And now that Mouse #7 was caught
in our haveahart trapping device
The House of Rock is hopeful
that we are now free of mice.

A Poem by Theresa

I hear that bananas are running low
They’re becoming extinct in places they grow.
They are still yellow and yummy its true
But they have no seeds so what do we do?

I am sad because I love them a lot
They’re good when you’re running or when you’re not.
It’s not like they’re gone right now
But they’re more extinct than the brown cow

And more extinct than tomatos or limes
When they’re gone we’ll have such sad times.
The problem is that diseases all spread
From one sick banana to the entire banana bed

And soon from one country to another and more
An international crisis we cannot ignore
Let me say again that this point is not moot
Viruses are attacking our vulnerable fruit!

The banana is like a delicate flower
And bio technology has all the power
To breed the banana forever I hope
Then the monkeys and I will be able to cope.


June 14th: Flag Day.
a poem by mike d.

13 stripes and lots of stars
I think it’s made of polyester
it’s flown by southern red necks
and also by corporate investers
yes, our flag’s a colorful one
to that I proudly say “Amen!”
but if you’re traveling overseas
best to pretend you’re Canadian.