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A trip down MSPaint Memory Lane p.2

The MSPainting that Patrick was referring to in his comment on the previous post was this one:

Legit, Patrick. Totally Legit. This was also one of my favorites. The only thing that I think could have made it better yet would be if the chess board showed white with Checkmate.

Another of my favorites? Mike D made entirely out of eyeballs drawn by Sander for a Halloween contest:

This must have taken an obscene amount of time.

A trip down MSPaint Memory Lane

In light of the upcoming death of Microsoft Paint, I am reviewing a few of the best MSPaintings from

Undeniably, the MSPainting that I am most proud of is my rendition of Picasso’s Guernica.


It took forever to make this. The painting itself is amazing. I think the Horse is the most impressive bit. Notice the incredible tiny dots of its hide, the spear piercing its side, and the awesome hooves. Copying this took hours and hours and hours. While the MSPainting does not much stand against Picasso’s actual work, my labor-hours certainly pays pretty good homage.

Ahhh MSpaint. You shall be missed.

The End of an Era

Despite winning’s prestigious “Best Digital Art Program Ever” award for over 20 years straight, Microsoft is rumored to be eradicating Microsoft Paint from windows in the upcoming upgrade.

Admittedly, since the disappointing upgrade for Windows 10 that removed so much functionality by adding features, MSPaint has been in a sad downward spiral. The only uplifting part of the news was the plethora of emails, texts and phone calls that I received from friends and family sending their condolences to me. In fact, I think more people offered their sympathies on reading about MSPaint than celebratory messages offered on my Wedding day. Ha!

Thank you to all for your solemn offerings of support in this troubled time.

Perhaps we will take a trip down memory lane and explore a few of the most glorious MSPaintings that have graced this website since its debut so many years ago. It’s perhaps most appropriate to start with Cupcakezilla – Drawn by Roland in England as part of an MSPaint contest. It was one of very few designs that ever transitioned from MSPaint to Silk Screen. An epic display of pixelation.


It has been a long time since I created any MSPaint art. As I look at my proudest drawings, I long for the less busy lifestyle that provided an opportunity to liesure my time away playing with pixels and 256 colors.

Heck, I think I’d go so far as to say that I’ve let go of art in general right now. I have about a dozen or so art efforts that are growing roots into their dusty shelves.

I thought it might be fun to revisit some of my favorite MSPaint endeavors. I’d love to come up with some clever way to silk screen, stain, or maybe even paint (for reals paint) some of these images onto apparel, wood, or classy canvases.

If you have ideas on how I could do this, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Click ‘more’ for a look at some of my best MSPaint pieces

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The Dawn of a New Era

Big news, good readers. I am taking a rather substantial step forward in technology. If you recall, I mentioned to you my promotion into a Marketing position here at my company. But what I had not mentioned, was that I’m also switching teams in the great battle of Mac vs. PC.

For those of you that know me best, you’ll understand that it’s not the mouse usage, or the shortcut keys, or even the unfamiliar file organization that I find intimidating. No, it’s the lack of MSPaint. I use that program for pretty much everything. And now… to be without my beloved MSPaint… it’s a bit daunting.

This, accompanied by some of my new work obligations, have inspired me to pursue the unthinkable:

I have contacted a photoshop tutor.

As I begin my walk down this path, you can expect a whole new world of visual professionalism on this site. I’m sure that I will be sharing my explorations with you, so hold tight. To start things off, I’m purchasing a Wacom tablet. No fooling around. If I’m going to do this, it’s going to be awesome.