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It has been a long time since I created any MSPaint art. As I look at my proudest drawings, I long for the less busy lifestyle that provided an opportunity to liesure my time away playing with pixels and 256 colors.

Heck, I think I’d go so far as to say that I’ve let go of art in general right now. I have about a dozen or so art efforts that are growing roots into their dusty shelves.

I thought it might be fun to revisit some of my favorite MSPaint endeavors. I’d love to come up with some clever way to silk screen, stain, or maybe even paint (for reals paint) some of these images onto apparel, wood, or classy canvases.

If you have ideas on how I could do this, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Click ‘more’ for a look at some of my best MSPaint pieces

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The Dawn of a New Era

Big news, good readers. I am taking a rather substantial step forward in technology. If you recall, I mentioned to you my promotion into a Marketing position here at my company. But what I had not mentioned, was that I’m also switching teams in the great battle of Mac vs. PC.

For those of you that know me best, you’ll understand that it’s not the mouse usage, or the shortcut keys, or even the unfamiliar file organization that I find intimidating. No, it’s the lack of MSPaint. I use that program for pretty much everything. And now… to be without my beloved MSPaint… it’s a bit daunting.

This, accompanied by some of my new work obligations, have inspired me to pursue the unthinkable:

I have contacted a photoshop tutor.

As I begin my walk down this path, you can expect a whole new world of visual professionalism on this site. I’m sure that I will be sharing my explorations with you, so hold tight. To start things off, I’m purchasing a Wacom tablet. No fooling around. If I’m going to do this, it’s going to be awesome.


Quite regularly, whether I’m on the phone or just wasting away some time at lunch, I open up MSPaint (surprise surprise) and just do some doodling. Normally, I try and doodle faces or figures and normally they are complete crap. Most often I screw up either the eyes of a face or the proportions of a body so that it doesn’t even begin to resemble the picture that I have in mind.

Well, yesterday I was working on one and by pure chance it came out great! Boingboing had a short feature on Robert Ullman yesterday and so I was picturing his work when I started in on this doodle. It wasn’t actually an experimentation into faces or figure, instead I wanted to try and get Indian style sitting down. Unexpectedly, the face came out great! The Indian style sitting? Less great, but it’s still there in form. Check it out!

Without color… and with leggings and hobbit feet? or something?

With color with shorts and more normal feet.

I’m pretty proud of it. now if only I could draw higher quality faces and figures with some regular consistency.

MSPaint requests.

Occasionally I get readers and friends who send me MSPaint requests. I can’t do them all because oftentimes their complexity makes them near impossible (“Can you draw an elephant with the face of Mitt Romney stomping out a huge fire at the Charles de Gaulle airport while onlookers stare confused? also can you put Napoleon eating Neapolitan ice cream in there somewhere – that’d be HILARIOUS??”)

But today Pam sent me over a quick one that seemed like it’d be doable. A friend of hers is on a volleyball team called the vipers and she was interested in having a shirt done commemorating the team. Specifically, she was hoping to see a viper wrapped around a volleyball. Check it out!


I’m pleased with the first pass. Though I must admit, I stole the Volleyball image.

T-Shirt Idea!

I recently took mouse in hand, as I often do, and opened up MSPaint for some t-shirt designing. I came up with this idea after a chat with Darcy. She told a tale where she was sassed by an unexpecting fool. Friends, you don’t sass Darcy. It’s just not something you want to do.

So I drew a sweet T-shirt design.
Let me know what you think.

Do not sass this lass

Oh man! Can you feel the wrath of that MSPaint chick or what?! I’m very proud of how she came out. I’m thinking about silk screening a bunch of these for the ladies. Especially those ladies who should not be sassed.