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Having a baby makes gifts easier. A’int nothin’ a Grammy or Nana doesn’t want more than something baby-esque*. Jen had a good idea to make a little love poster using prints from Johnathan’s feet as the letter V. I think the original concept came from Pinterest or something, but we decided to tweak it a little for marvelous effect.

We took a couple canvases, covered Johnny’s feet in paint, used them as stamps, then caligraphied (Is that a word?) the rest of the text. The work was executed in the bathroom where we could quickly wash Johnathan’s little feet off once we had finished the prints. It worked really well, even with the little man squirming around like a fish out of water.


Then when it was just edging on unbearably cute, we grabbed a different canvas and made a giant grotesque canvas one with my feet.

Here’s Mom D at the unveiling. First with the feet of her youngest grandson:

Mom D

And then the completely ridiculous feet of her son:

MikeD Footprint

Mission accomplished.

*this sentence has a triple negative, the logic works out.

Painting #2

I am proud to announce the completion of my second painting!


This one was inspired by a Graham Gercken piece. Check out his original here.

I really like his style. It’s colorful and vibrant with nicely textured strokes. I’m not sure what I’m going to try next – perhaps I’ll try something original.

New Hobby

I’ve decided to try my hand at painting.

My maternal grandparents left me a whole bunch of carving equipment after their passing. It was a much appreciated gesture as my grandfather and I shared an interest in wood sculpture. Included in the inheritance was a huge box of paints. Only a month or two ago when I started casually looking at painting did I begin to recognize the scope of this inheritance.

The stockpile includes 30-40 tubes of acrylics and paint brushes aplenty – it’s a mammoth supply. To help organize the collection I fashioned a custom paint-brush/pallet knife holder. Check it out:


What brought about this new interest? Mainly the fact that we’ve been looking for art for our home. I have a special appreciation for contemporary pieces – bold stretches of colors across big canvas and that’s the type of thing that I might be able to mimic. So let’s learn!

To start, I found a youtube video that provides a tutorial. This guy is great! I tried to mimic as much as I could, and I’m pleased with the results but I have a long way to go:


I learned a bunch through this process. Pallet knives are tricky to work with. So easy to clean, but difficult to manipulate for fine detail. This is likely why there’s an impressionistic feel to many pallet knife pieces. The swipe of a knife provides a very rewarding swath of color and it’s fun to overlay different colors and generate a warm gradient.

Next up I’m going to try and use a photograph from our recent Italy trip as a template. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

Ultimate Blogging Challenge 1

The first challenge of the Ultimate Blogger championship was to put together a pitch. Each of the contestants had to pitch something. The decision for me was clear. With my affinity for drawing My Little Ponies, it was only natural for me to try and sell the idea of mechanized military fighting ponies.

Here’s my submission:

My Little Pony is a phenomenon that took the United States by storm in the early 1990’s*. These little toy ponies were by far the coolest toys for young girls and effeminate boys countrywide. NOT only could you get the ponies, you could get cloud castle, and all sorts of hair accessories that you could use to turn your pony into the hottest pony on this side of the Prime Meridian. In the Ultimate Blogging world of My Little Ponies, Zoe would probably have the most impressive end result. It’s all about product.

The obvious evolutionary step for these cute ponies would be to turn them into mechanized military fighting machines. With governments spending all sorts of research dollars on robotic warriors, why not take advantage of a design that will likely bring extreme fear into the hearts of the unexpecting.

As usual, I made an MSPaint image. Check it out:


Now, don’t be confused… these wouldn’t be toys. They would be life sized my little pony death machines. We could send ‘em into dangerous mystical countries like ‘Austria’ and ‘Canadia’ to seek and destroy all things evil. They would obviously be powered by rainbows and pneumatics and be able to withstand heavy machine gun fire and tank piercing rounds. Complete with Jet Packs and guns that make you go ‘mmm,’ these ponies will leave you wishing your TNMT pizza van was turbo. They might not be the cheapest weapons of mass destruction, but I assure you they would be the most pretty.

*it was pointed out by a few of the other contestants that my time frame here is all wrong. My Little Pony has dominated the shelves of toy-stores everywhere for far longer than 16 years.

I hope my submission is well received by the Blogging Superstars. I put my heart into that one. I hope that all of you will check out the other entries here. I’ve been talking to a few of these bloggers more intensly, and I have to say… if I am anything like them, than I have fulfilled all sorts of childhood dreams.