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Space Shuttle.

Hey Internet.

Anyone interested in heading down to Florida on April 19th with me to watch the Space Shuttle launch.

1. It may be postponed and thus, a complete waste of money.
2. Flights are crazy expensive.
3. This is one of the last few flights for the space shuttle, so it’ll probably be absurdly mobbed.

Leave a message in the comments!


On Friday, at Shaun’s recommendation, I downloaded Boggle for the iPhone.

Best/Worst decision ever.

For those of you, like me, who are plagued with a word game addiction – a new wordy iphone app is not the key to a productive weekend. Since that fateful download, I have played 5 hours and 49 minutes of Boggle.

Curiously, this morning Goss shared this unenlightening story that described how mobile gaming devices are losing sales because people now play games on their much more versatile smart phones.

Between Words With Friends, Boggle, and (apparently) Taboo it’s good to see that party-style board games are jumping on the smartphone bandwagon too. That said, I can’t help but wonder, once tablets (or MS surface equivalents) gain more market share, will regular board games go fully virtual?

If nothing else, clean up is a heck of a lot easier.

Fun fact for the formatting fans

I’ve been using this guy for a long time:

If you want to mirror formatting between different elements in Microsoft products like Word and Powerpoint, you can highlight the text you like, hit this paintbrush, and then highlight the new item and it will match all the formatting.

But only recently did I learn that if you DOUBLE CLICK on the icon, you will get a sustained version of the same brush.

I am so surprised that I didn’t know this already.

Quest for Units

Jon Abad asks:

From now on, i’m ranking my projects in Devil to Details ratio instead of “easy to hard”… what should the units be?

I love this.

Jon explains further:

I read somewhere “the devil to details ratio was all out of whack”
which is what made me think of it as a great measure of project or task complexity
i think ideally, you want to get to 0 devils
initially, you’ll have an unknown quantity of both
but you’ll say i have “10 devils in 20 details”

or if its really bad, 100 devils in 20 details

Anyone have any recommendations?


My weekend was decent. I got to spend some excellent time with my parents and with some college buddies at Kurt’s American cookfest 2010. Sadly, all this was dampened by a frustrating cold that I’ve been struggling to contain. Even after trying to rest up last week, my Sunday was spent mostly in bed, and Monday was spent within an arm’s reach of a tissue box.

But it’s now Tuesday and I’m mostly back in action.

I spent today’s lunch looking at state area. Recently I was talking to some friends and we were wondering how many states could fit into other states. For example, let’s say you took Maine and you started by putting the smallest state (Rhode Island) inside. Next up, Delaware. Then Connecticut. How many states could you fit? Answer: 5. What about some of the other states?

Well, here’s a chart for ya:

State Data

(it should be noted that this data includes water area and is just by area, not by Tetris.)

Now your first question is very likely: how is this information useful?

Well, it’s not really. Not one bit.

Your Amazon History

Inspired by this post I decided to ask a few folks what their earliest Amazon purchase was, and when was it purchased.

Add yours in the comments!

If you click “your account” on and “your orders” you can see it there.

  • I (Ben P.) bought the Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack on 1/19/2002
  • Shamus P. – State Variables for Engineers in October of 2002
  • Kurt O. – Big Trouble in Little China in 2000
  • William H. – 2 Christmas CDs and Lewis Black’s The White Album in November 2001
  • Jon A. – Shakespeare in Love in 1999(!)

Add yours in the comments!

Medal Count (Winter Edition)

Patrick here. You may remember back in 2008, I counted medals a bit differently. (initial post, final tally). We’re about 75% of the way through Vancouver, so let’s see where we stand with the population and GDP metrics.

Medals per Population
1) Norway (1 per 286K)
2) Austria (1 per 837K)
3) Switzerland (1 per 972K)
11) Canada (1 per 3.1M)
21) USA (1 per 11.8M)

Medals per GDP
1) Latvia (1 per $12.1B)
2) Estonia (1 per $18.1B)
3) Norway (1 per $21.7B)
16) Canada (1 per $120B)
23) USA (1 per $549B)