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Green Bay Packers

Yesterday in my morning news feeds I stumbled across this article about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Actually, it’s not so much about Aaron Rodgers as his girlfriend Olivia Munn.

The article speculated that perhaps Rodgers’ dating an attractive woman subconsciously boosts his masculinity, thus giving him a slight edge in a sport that rewards masculine tasks. I discussed this with Sander this morning in our carpool ride to work. Sander agreed wholeheartedly taking causation to the next level:

“Dude, if I were dating Olivia Munn I could be an NFL quarterback.”

The article counters with various quarterback companions that were considered by fans to be negative influences to performance… but per Sander’s point, all those guys? NFL quarterbacks.

The comic biting undertone to the article is that the psychologist who suggested the connection is a geek writing about the jock and his girlfriend. High school social strata in the adult world.


Jen and I will be going to Italy for a belated honeymoon this July. In preparation for the trip, we acquired Italian language CDs to listen to on the way to work. Jen started yesterday, coming home with a wealth of Italian phrases at her fingertips.

I needed to catch up.

Since moving to the shore, I’ve started commuting with Sander. This morning when he hopped into my car I informed him that we would be learning Italian and started up the CD.

CD: “Do you understand Italian? … Capisce l’italiano?”
Mike D: “capisce l’italiano”
Sander (in Italian accent): “Doa you understanda italiano?”
Sander: Seriously, that is perhaps the least useful phrase ever if you’re going to Italy.

He jests and jokes, but I’m pretty sure he’ll learn Italian faster than I will.

Wedding Eve.

Jen: We really have to do something about that rogue eyebrow hair.
Mike D: Jen. Stop picking my face all the time.
Jen: It’s not all the time, it’s only when your eyebrows are saluting me from your forehead; standing at attention going “heeeeeeeeeeeey!”

Daylight Savings?

One of my coworker friends was coming into work at 7am every day to assist with operations. She was recently informed that her mission was accomplished and she could now start coming in at 8am.

I saw her in the coffee room this morning

Mike D: Good morning
Coworker: Hey Mike D. How are you?
Mike D: I’m pretty tired. I don’t do well with sleep changes.
Coworker: I hear ya. I’ve been getting way too much sleep
Mike D: what?
Coworker: I don’t have to be here at 7 anymore
Mike D: but the time just changed. So… 8 o’clock is the new 7. nothing’s changed for you.
Coworker: But now it’s brighter in the morning.
Mike D: What? but it’s not brighter. It’s the same as it was. The clock has just changed. What time did you get up before?
Coworker: 5am. And now I get up at 6:20
Mike D: With the time change that’s only 20 minutes difference.
Coworker: Really, I’m just complaining because the sun is rising earlier. I like it dark when I sleep.
Mike D: I am completely confused.
Coworker: Also, it’s a full moon.
Mike D: But… it’s not even a full moon that was last week.
Coworker: … but it’s light out…

I have no words.