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The most frustrating thing about watching football: Advertisements.

The second most frustrating thing about watching football: When there’s a fumble and all the members of both teams confidently point their arms as if they had recovered the ball, long before the pile of bodies has been deconstructed.

Although I suppose it’s not that different from when I’m bowling and despite the pending fall of my ball into the gutter, I desperately twist and flail my body to will some miraculous alternative.

Baby books and the seven deadly sins

There does seem to be a strange correlation between Eric Carle baby books and the seven deadly sins. Let’s take a look:

The Grouchy Ladybug – Wrath

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Gluttony

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth – Sloth

The Greedy Python – Greed

The Tiny Seed – Pride

The Very Lonely Firefly/The Mixed-Up Chameleon – Envy

The Very Busy Spider – Lust

Actually, I think the Very Busy Spider might be about a hardworking spider that builds a beautiful web. But the other comparisons are pretty dead on.


I’ve started using Handkerchiefs. Apart from the trivial uniqueness surrounding their fairly rare “DK” letter combination*, Handkerchiefs provide a service that is vastly underappreciated.

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Handkerchiefs are not gross – there are some simple but clever folding patterns which allow 30+ clean surfaces (62 if you’re conservative) for nose blowing while still maintaining a clean outside so that your pocket doesn’t get gross.
  2. Handkerchiefs are affordable and environmentally sound – most pocket tissues contain 10 tissues. They run about $0.50 a pack. A $5 handkerchief more than pays itself back with one full usage of 60 blows – with 0% of the trash!
  3. Handkerchiefs are SOFT – much less harsh on your nose than tissues (except maybe the lotion tissues, those things are mint)
  4. Handkerchiefs are convenient – I’ve got into the habit of keeping one in my back pocket at all times. Color me prepared.
  5. Handkerchiefs are stylish – they don’t have to be white! But let’s not confuse handkerchiefs and pocket squares. Handkerchiefs are cotton – Pocket squares are silk

*Vodka, Roadkill, Grandkids… maybe one or two others?


Order of Operation

Men are suppose to put their pants on last.

I have a problem with this because pants are the foundation of my clothing ensemble.  The advantage to putting your pants on after your shirt is that you don’t have to unbutton the pants you just buttoned to tuck in your shirt. Same with socks. If your socks go on before your pants you never encounter the embarrassing condition of a pant leg mistakenly tucked into a sock (OH THE HORROR.)

For years I have been trying to make this switch and I have been wholly unsuccessful. If I’m not completely cognizant with each morning action, I find myself rolling my eyes as I unbutton my pants so I can properly tuck in my shirt.


Shaun pointed me towards who sell Shirttail garters. YES. Shirttail garters are clever straps which clips to your shirt’s tails and elasticifies them to the tops of your socks all under the shroud of your pants legs. It keeps your shirt tucked nicely and your socks at attention throughout an active day.

And more than just that, it will force me to put my pants on last.

I ordered one to give it a shot. I’m eager to see how it all works out.

Baby Birds

For the second year in a row we have acted as tenants for a family of Barn Swallows. A lady swallow built a nest in the eaves outside our front door last year, and this year she reused it for her second clutch. The Barn Swallows, despite their propensity to make a massive mess of our front stoop, are both adorable and incredibly useful because they consume massive amounts of insects. According to, Barn Swallows can each eat about 850 insects per day.

I attribute the mosquito moderation at our home in part to the HOARDS of Barn Swallows that reside in our neighborhood. On our evening walks we see dozens upon dozens soaring overhead.


Over the past month or so we’ve enjoyed watching Mom Swallow fly to and from the nest feeding the little ones. Just in the last week and a half the birds have all learned how to fly. They venture out during the day and come back to the protection of the nest at night where Mom continues to tend to them.

To the swallows: you have an open invitation to the DiDo household’s front stoop. Come by anytime.


Every once in awhile I get blindsided by some incredibly obvious piece of information that was at arms length for my life but was never grasped. Typically it’s because of an assumption made on my part either relating to words or designs.

One such case popped up for me just this past weekend relating to the clothes pin.


The two holes in the clamping part of the clothes pin? THOSE ARE DESIGNED TO GO AROUND THE CLOTHESLINE! That way the pin will pinch the clothes and not the line!!!


I never started using clothes pins until now because we’re hanging up J.Atlas’ clothes to dry. And despite being Extremely familiar with the design of a clothes pin (ever since making clothes pin reindeer in 2nd grade) I never thought to question its design.

I love revelations like this.

Amazing word

Akrasia – the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will.


Whether it’s going back for the second doughnut or hitting snooze, we all suffer through Akrasia. Except maybe Dad D. One of the things I admire most of my father is his seeming immunity to akrasia. He is visiting us this weekend and I expect nothing but massively productive, adventurous times driven by the will of a force of nature!