Poorly thought out phrase

Easy as pie seems wrong. Granted, a pie is easier to make than a cake but crusts are frustrating and time consuming. And there’s tons of conflicting advice on cold butter, iced water, and shortening/butter ratios.

If I’m looking for a quick easy something to eat it would definitely not be pie, it would probably be cereal.

Easy as cereal. That’s more like it.

5 comments on “Poorly thought out phrase”

  1. Patrick Reply

    Cereal requires a bowl, a spoon, and milk, which necessitates proximity to a fridge.

    Easy as an untoasted Pop Tart.

    • smcquaid Reply

      “simple and pleasurable” unless you have to cut the first piece of a cream-type pie, in which case you are shamed by the fact that you destroy the piece as you remove it from the pie dish, and are further disappointed by the lack of structural integrity inherent in the pie-ish mess on your plate.

      Maybe this problem is specific to me?

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