I’m extremely excited. We’ve reached out to one of our gaming friend couples, Kelly and Jay, who will be joining us on this adventure. It will undeniably be tricky to orchestrate play times with J.Atlas now in our lives. Coincidentally Kelly and Jay have their own newly arrived infant in their lives; so perhaps gameplay vacations will work out well for all. I spent a few hours of my weekend going through the accessible portions of the box contents – IT LOOKS AMAZING. Pandemic Legacy is serious business.

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  1. Kurt from Work Reply

    We’ve been playing this and it is AMAZING! I really would like to talk to you once you finish in 2 years. I’m glad she went with the Red Box. Only losers go with the Blue Box.

      • Kurt from Work Reply

        We are about the play June. We have had a blast playing it so far. I really wish we had Legacy: Risk back in College. maybe I can find one of them kicking around the internet for a board game day or two.

  2. Patrick Reply


    We’re playing this, too! We’re through June. It’s so good! And tough! We’re all pretty smart cookies, and the game crushed us at the beginning! May was by far the most exciting. We were cruising in the first game, when all of a sudden we drew a bad combination of cards, and BAM, we’re dead. It was surreal. And then in the second game of the month, we pretty much conceded defeat… but then we somehow strung together an aggressive plan and luckily got through it all… just in time!

    Be sure to keep track of all the rules as you go!

    January: LL
    February: LW
    March: W
    April: W
    May: LW
    June: W

    • mike d. Reply

      I’m excited to learn that it’s hard. Normal Pandemic felt dry sometimes after you figured out some basic efficiency tricks. Have you found that the Legacy game is prone to quarterbacking? I’ve played A LOT of pandemic and I’m concerned that my experience may reduce the enjoyment of game-play for the others.

      • Kurt from Work Reply

        I’ve can see there be a bunch of QB-ing if you have new players to the game, but with experienced players there is tons of discussion. Most of our time playing is discussing how to make every ones moves count. Shauna and I have played a ton of Pandemic and while it helps it all goes out the window, especially right off the bat. We haven’t had a double Loss month yet, we have been able to pull wins out for every month we’ve played, but a few of them were really tight.

  3. Patrick Reply

    The other couple in our foursome are gamers (one previously worked at a game store), so they have a lot of game experience. Gina and I have played Pandemic a few times over the years with them and a few others. I’m not a gamer, but I’d said previously that Pandemic was one of my favorite games because I liked the co-op element to it (it seems that whenever I play games, it’s with gamers, and I feel like I’m always at a disadvantage. With a co-op, you’re all on the same team.

    In our foursome, we’re like Kurt’s game: we’re discussing all the time. An average Legacy game for us takes around 3 hours, and we discuss a lot before the first turn of the game (our character selection and starting position may depend on where the diseases are).

    The long discussions pay dividends. There are been times where we thought things were hopeless, but with a combination of a bunch of stuff, we’ve been able to squeak through. There’s a lot going on in the game, so sometimes if you move too fast you may miss better options.

    The game changes one turn into January!

    • Kurt from Home Reply

      I’d be interested in a conversation with everyone once they are done with the game, myself included to see people strategies throughout the year.

      • Patrick Reply

        Due to weddings and vacations and such, we played our first July game last night, and we won again! After starting the year 0-3, we’re 6-1 in our last 7, and we head into August with zero funded event cards, so we’ll see how that goes.

        Our July game took less than an hour from first turn to last, but it took over an hour to set up and strategize about the new objective, what characters and funded events to use, win bonuses, and where we should start.

        We have some other friends that have the game but haven’t started yet, so I’m excited to hear how they do, as well as Mike D and Kurt.

  4. Patrick Reply

    Ok, how’s everyone doing with Pandemic Legacy? We finished up our year on Monday!

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