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If you haven’t tried the Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, I strongly recommend them if for no other reason than Tessellation Nachos.



Still, it’s not quite perfect. There are chip gaps through which errant melted cheese oozed.

My idea: Nacho sheets – Perforated nacho chips for perfect baking pan coverage. The logistical challenge of shipping these would certainly add some cost so perhaps the better solution is a baking sheet sized tortilla with a perforation pizza cutter. You cut your perforations, bake the tortilla for crispage, add the toppings, broil for cheese meltage and Ding! Perfect Nachos.

Who’s in on this masterful plan?

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Jun 2, 2014
10:24 am
#1 mike d. :

Also, these chips share their hexagonal shape with the Settlers of Catan board pieces. Perhaps a new nacho game needs to be created!


Jes Saint Reply:

That was the first thing I noticed. This post made me want to play, and get a snack.


Jun 2, 2014
3:32 pm
#2 Patrick :

It’s not necessarily the shape that makes them tessellationable, it’s the floppiness. If traditional triangular chips were consistently flat, you could tessellate them too. Same with the strips. But you never see them flat.

I’ve seen sheets of crackers before. Not plate size, but the size of lasagna noodles, at least.

Also, I think we have the same plates. Yours have little concentric circles on them?


mike d. Reply:

Good point about the curvature. Lasagna sized cracker sheets would certainly solve the problem. I must find these!

Alas, no concentric circles on our plates. Just simple white ceramic.


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