Do they cut with heat? Surfaces that are cut always seem to show melting at the cut edges. If so, do they give off radiant heat? My question is: if lightsabers do give off radient heat, would a jedi suffer from radiant heat burns on his/her dominent hand if they trained too much? Is there such a thing as lightsaber tans?

Has anyone else thought about this?

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  1. Nicole Reply

    Oh man! I have to film a science video on thermodynamics next week. I wonder if I can convince my producer to talk about this…

  2. Jesse Reply

    I believe that lasers “cut” by vaporizing material, giving a perfectly clean cut. If too little energy is applied, the heating only melts or burns the material. You also have your plasma cutters – heating up a directed gas beam to 30,000 F. Either way, they are very unidirectional, so if you’re outside the path (like your hand at the hilt) I bet you have no worries. My two cents.

  3. Tom Reply

    Lightsabers seem pretty inconsistent. Like they melt their way throw that big door in episode 1, but when Obi Wan cuts off that arm in episode 4, it doesn’t cauterize the wound and there’s a big pool of blood.

    • Kurt from Home Reply

      Obi Wans LS in Ep.IV was blue. Clearly it cut because it was cold. While it did freezerize the wound, it quickly thawed and bled everywhere.

      The only other option is he shived the guy while no one was looking. A Prison Gank doesn’t seem like something a Jedi Knight would do.

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