Back from Korea

I arrived back at JFK Sunday afternoon, just in time for the hurricane here on the East Coast. Hilariously, for those of you that watched the cone of uncertainty, it really looked like the state of CT had some sort of magical hurricane force field for this one. The storm barreled into the coast south of us, and then is spinning around our western most boarder and is expected to go back out to sea north of us. CT isn’t expecting to be underneath the whirling mass at any time.

Still, we are on the windy and wavy side of the storm and after last year’s bout with Irene our governor (smartly in my opinion) first banned trucks from the road and shortly thereafter shut down all the highways in our state.

The state is getting started back up this morning and I’m eager to get to work to see if there was damage on the coastline. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.

Anyone experience anything particularly intense with this hurricane?

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  1. Mykal Reply

    I got to see a huge old pine fall down in my neighbors yard. Sounded like lighting when it cracked and fell. That’s about all the excitement we had in our neighborhood though.

  2. Kurt from Home Reply

    Oh lord….Let me tell you when i looked outside and saw the devastation in my neighbors yard I thought, “Well there is really no devastation over there.” seriously. a fencepost and a rogue recycling bin. Its bedlam up here.

  3. Andrew Reply

    I’m in Bristol, PA. Our power went out Monday afternoon, and our current estimate to get it back on is tomorrow at 7 pm. A tree fell on a telephone pole in front of our house, and the pole broke. The electric company looked at it last night and then drove away, because ehff that.

    We had a little aluminum shed to house our lawnmower, and the shed blew away (our lawnmower is currently in our front room). Someone came by on Tuesday and scavenged the shed, so at least we don’t have to deal with cleaning it up.

    Work, in Princeton, NJ, is closed all week — I’m guessing due to power loss. I am currently getting my car inspected, because they have heat, power, and wifi here.

    I’m pretty bored, but fine! I read The Hunger Games finally, and playing a lot of solitaire.

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