And that’s a wrap!

Really, we couldn’t think of anything that was more extreme than a grizzly bear on a great white shark’s back. Shaun L. was trying to think of some combos with Blue Whales, and they had potential. But they didn’t have the ROCK factor that the Grizzly Great White combo had.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in today. I hope you enjoyed Ryan’s awesome Brevitous guides and the sweet MSPaint images depicting various animal battles.

Rock on.
Mike D.

Salmon and Croc.


This is a strategic combo designed specifically to defeat Meowstro on the back of a Golden Eagle.

See… the salmon… cats and eagles can’t resist the sweet smell of fresh salmon. They would dive in to take advantage of the delicious sacrificial fish and then CHOMP. Game over.

Croc and Salmon would dominate this fight.

Meowstro and Golden Eagle

The advantage of the bat scorpion is that they could fight at night. They could strike repeatedly with skillful poisonous jabs…


What else can see at night? Cats. What has the sort of maneuverability that could out run a bat? A Golden Eagle. Clearly this combo would need to be Meowstro on top of a golden eagle. They would easily take out a bat scorpion duo. EASILY.