Kung Fu Party Tricks: Volume 2

9 comments on “Kung Fu Party Tricks: Volume 2”

  1. Jes Saint Reply

    You could’ve just dropped it on the floor for similar results. I like how your assistant had to wear a helmet. :)

    Do you remember when the Karate Kid had to break all that ice? He didn’t give up either. But I think he had theme music to keep him going.

  2. j2 Reply

    I like how you didn’t specify whether that was melon leakings or blood.

    Anyway, that was awesome and much more amusing than watching some guy open a watermelon with just one punch. You win the awesome award.

  3. Roland Reply

    Holy Christ. That was hilarious and I’m torn between wanting more awesome kung fu craziness, and my concern for your physical wellbeing.

  4. jon abad Reply

    I’m so glad I waited until the end of the day to watch that…

    It just exudes schadenfreude!

    I had this notion that it would work right away but then came to my senses when realized just how rare that is.

  5. Devin Reply

    I knew it was going to be good when I saw how long the clip was going to take.

  6. Roland Reply

    Just showed my friend the two Kung Fu party tricks and he thought they were hilarious.

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